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Leisure Pro expert product information on Tusa RS-510 Regulator.

Joe asked i, m looking for a inexpensive reg and octo, what would you recommend?

Tusa RS-510 Regulator

Tusa RS-510 Regulator

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Justin R.
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May I have your name please?
Hi Joe, how are you?
i,m just fine
Great to hear, how may I help you?
i, m looking for a inexpensive reg and octo
We have an amazing package that just went on sale :-)
This would be $550 if purchased separately
sherwood brut or tusa510
I own the Brut myself
I also own the Hollis regs I have pulled up
For the price you'd pay for either of those and an Octo, you could get this package for slightly more and have much better gear
do you like and did you ever try tusa
I don't use it as a primary regulator. I use it on a pony bottle and will soon be replacing it with another Hollis reg
Tusa RS-510 Regulator
Just a second while I pull the Tusa up please
The Tusa and the Brut will both have about the same performance
i only plan on using either in warm water once or twice a yeay
Do you have a budget in mind for the 2 regs?
i just got a price from a local dive shop of 377.00 for the sherwood
Was that for the Octo and Primary?
Our price on those 2 are $309.90
Free shipping and no tax unless you ship to NJ or NY states
Tusa RS-510 Regulator
would i be better off buying the sherwood or tusa i do not want to spend a lot of money
Both are built the same and have about = performance. So it's really just brand preference.
The Tusa will be about $300 for the set
i used tusa for 20+ years and had no problens
Yeah Tusa is a good brand and they stand behind their gear
I have found it hard in my area to find any authorized dealers to service my Sherwood regs
your price of 309 is for the old model brut correct?
That is correct
Are you against the Hollis regs I have pulled up?
sherwood in pa is handled by everone tusa is a different story
Ah I see
i know no one who handles hollis
Okay, no problem, I'll remove those from the chat window
so out of the two which one?
Both will have about = performance. If you have Sherwood dealers more present I would suggest Sherwood
what about service must they be returned to place of purchase for yearly maint
Any authorized dealer can service the regs to keep the warranty valid.
just need to keep records
Yes, that's correct
what is your turnaround time for service and cost
I'm not positive what it is currently at. I'd have to have you call our customer service during normal business hours for that information.
tour price is what for the 510 reg and the ss30 octo
Just a moment please
I'm not showing that we carry an SS-30
We have the SS-60
ok price
$159 on sale right now for $120
This is their brand new octo
Here is the link for it
do they both have swivel ends on the hose
Tusa RS-510 Regulator
They do not
You could add a swivel to both though
It's about $35 each
XS Scuba Swivel Adapter
appears sherwood is probablr the best deal
Are you aware the Brut also does not have a swivel?
You were asking about the Tusa regs having a swivel which they do not. The Brut also does not have a swivel on the reg. If this is an option you want on the regulator and with to use either of these 2 models you would need to purchase it additionally
On the picture to our left is a swivel that you could add to the 2nd stage on each regulator
but the hose turns on the brut
Are you talking about on the 1st stage?
Sherwood SRB9110 Brut Regulator,
2 nd stage but does not swivel
Correct, the hose will screw into all of the 2nd stage regs but most will not have the swivel capability as a factory standard/included option
Tusa RS-510 Regulator
so depening on how the threads seat the reg may not sic correctly and you need to twist the hose
Oh I understand what you are talking about now
No, they will all be able to turn like that with out having the separate swivel
The swivel just allows for you to be able to point the hose downward instead of straight out fromt he reg
ok for the price of 300.00 the tusa will do what i want
Sorry about my confusion
ok thanks i think i'll buy the tusa i hate paying tax on what i buy
I hear that!
Okay great, please leave this chat open as you complete your purchase. This way I can answer any questions during check out and also confirm receipt of your order.
i'll probably buy at a later date like this week are these assembled when received
Okay, no rush :-)
You can add a note to your order asking for them to be assembled
It would be in the shipping section of the check out
You're welcome Joe!
Do you need any other items for your order?
Tusa RS-510 Regulator
no i'm ok
Okay great!

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