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Leisure Pro expert product information on Cressi XS Octopus.

Ray asked I have a bcd and I want to add the octopus, what are my options?

Cressi XS Octopus

Cressi XS Octopus

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Paula G
Hi How may I assist you today?
Hi, is this a complete octopus set up?
This is a regulator. Did you need an octopus?
I am a novice diver, so I am trying to get some basic equipment together
No problem! I can help you.
I have a bcd and I want to add the octopus
The octopus is the secondary air system. Did you need a primary?
Ok lets see what we can find for you. Do you have a budget in mind?
And do you have a brand preference?
Well, I am trying to get the cost low
I only dive ocasionally
I have a cressi bcd
Ok thanks that helps.
So let me explain that you will need a regulator and a octopus. Do you want gauges too?
Im asking because we have packages available.
depends on the cost
Ok lets take a look and then you can tell me what you like and dont like ok?
Scuba Regulator package
All very good quality stuff at a package price.
That is what I need
Do you have anything a bit less costly?
Mares Rover 2 Regulator
On the package, is there a compass on the back of the gauges?
We can get you that Mares Reg and the Cressi Octo for about 224. But then you wont have gauges.
Do you like that better?
I am a bit confused
Ok what are you confused about?
I thought the reg was the octo
No the regulator is what you will breathe off of normally. The octo is your emergency reg if your primary reg fails or your buddy's runs out of air or fails.
An octo is not meant for use unless in an emergency.
I see
you need BOTH
so the best deal would be the package
do you know if there is a compass on the gaufges
Yes its the best deal for sure.
No there isnt one, but you can add it no problem.
I was thinking about the computer
the one for 149
Not sure if it has a compass though
Oceanic "Veo 100" Wrist Dive Computer, Yellow
would you like to look at them?
Do you prefer gauges or a computer?
I don't think it does
What would you recomend?
Dont think it does what? It doesnt come with one but we can get you a wrist mount easily.
I would always recommend a computer but they are more expensive.
I can show you a few that are a less expensive but still reliable.
I know I'm a bit cheap lol
Ok let me ask what kind of diving do you do?
But I want to enjoy my dives, so my arm can be twisted lol
LOL ok then do you like messing with logs?
I usually do just basic dives to ao between 30-60 feet
I hate logs
Ok great so lets look at a few computers.
Thats why the computer is a good idea for me
I agree. I hate logs! I can show you a few good computers that are affordable.
When I did my corse the logs and math were a real challange
I understand. A computer does all the work for you. Would you prefer a wrist or console?
I guess it depends
Im not sure
Ok well its easy to get one with a compass on a console
lets look at a few of both.
Ok lets talk about the computers for a second.
there are two types.
air integrated and then gauged air.
air integrated will show you how much air you have on the computer.
the ones you see with the gauge is the non air integrated.
Thats handy and probably more accurate
yes but costs more.
how much more
Genesis "Resource Pro" In-Line Computer Console with Compass, CG2259
Ok here is a good computer with the compass. Non air integrated.
Cressi XS2/AC2 Piston Regulator
Mares Rover 2 Regulator
let me show you air integrated.
I honestly love this Wisdom computer
This will do everything you want.
And you can hook it up to your computer to log your dives.
thats an amazing piece of equipment, but more then I want to spend
I love the idea of connecting to a computer though
Let me see if that other computer with the gauge connects
This one says it has downloadable profiles as well.
let me see if i can find a package with the regs and a computer ok?
Here is one.
Just 50 more than the gauges.
Oceanic makes a solid affordable product.
The only thing its missing is the compass right?
right but we can get you a compass. it might be wrist mount.
how much?
Um... I also need a new mask and snorl
May I ask your name? I hate to put up a pink mask if your a guy lol
nice to meet you ray,,,,ill avoid the pink now
What do you like in a mask?
Genesis FS7000 Mojave Dry Snorkel Black
I have lots of hair, low forhead so I get hair in the mask breaking the seal easy...not sure if that helps
so would you say you have a smaller face?
I have a mustache as well
I'm a big guy
about 240
round but
thats what my wife keeps saying
Im sure she is correct lol
I have this mask and think you would like it.
The wife is always right
You are a very smart man.
so the big eys give better visability
Yes and it has a nice skirting that fits the face well.
Naturally, to obtain such a result the entire structure of the skirt is differentiated, with internal ribs that stiffen the parts of the mask that are most stressed.
I like it
A bit more $ then I thought but I have heard about these masks
big eyes that is
You dont want a cheap mask
I have one now from snorkling and I'm always leaking and fogging up
always clearing my mask
So invest a little more and be happier and you will enjoy the dive without constant clearing.
You know about using toothpaste on mask right?
is that the best stuff?
I'v tried the no fog stuff
I forgot about tooth paste
You have to scrub scrub scrub with the white toothpaste to get the oil off
is there something you should do to your maks when its brand new before your fist dive with it
yes the toothpaste. I tell my students when your watching tv scrub your mask
after or before each dive?
before!!!! and it may take several times for it to completely work
just use your finger or use a clothe?
you can also use a mixture of baby shampoo and water before dives if mask defog doesnt work
use your finger
and that will keep it from fogging up?
thanks I didnt know that
dont rinse the baby shampoo and water
so just rub with a 50/50 mixture of baby shampoo and water and put mask on
no just take a small squirt bottle with about a few drops of shampoo and the rest with water.
wont it be all blurry?
you dont need much shampoo
so the concept is to remove oil from the mask that gathers on the mask from your skin?
the more foggy the mask the more greasy the diver lol
no when they manufacture the masks they use an oil,,,the idea is to get all that off
lol no no no.
so why do you need to do it before each dive, i would think you could get it all off the first time
you dont have to do it forever,,,once you get all that off if will not fog as easily.
keep working it until its less foggy
got it
but this all depends on water temp ect. masks will fog
so if I get the mask and snorkle and kit im looking at close to 600
which package?
the 449 with computer gauge
do you want the compass?
With my bcd, mask snorkle and kit I could carry that stuff when I travel and I would just need air, weights and fins
you dont have fins? Can we get you some and you would have everything you need.
probably the compass too
although I have seen one on amazon for around 30
I do have fins
you will get free shipping with all this i believe
to hawaii?
oh ok i misread
Ah you live in hawaii.
I have some old fins but they are ok for now
Im jealous
we go to Makaha
west side of oahu
I have a buddy who is looking for scuba gear as well
so before I place an order I will see if he wants anything
do you get a bonus for selling if so we will order from you personally
Im not sure about the shipping then what is your postal code?
I get points for equipment
well if there is a way I can reconnect with you after I talk to my buddy I would like you Paula G to get the points
I will be right back
If you let me know when you will be ordering I can hop on the computer. Let me check your shipping for you.
I dont THINK you are going to have shipping.
I didn't think so
I think I can ship it to 98295
thats sumas washington
I used that zip and said 0 shipping
Im in canada and we fly to hawaii via sumas
Then that should work.
ok.. so can you email me or should I do it through the shopping cart?
just add the items to your cart. I put them in your tray for you so it makes it easier.
You have some options with colors on the mask and snorkel
I found a cressi big eye mask and snorkle package for 45
Is it the Evolution mask?
It has a different skirting
so the one you recomended is a better choice
I like it better
It has that pressure point sealing
But both mask are good.... if you like the other price then go for it. You know about the PFF policy right?
whats that?
To help customers getting the right size we offer a Pressure Free Fit program where we pay all shipping costs for returns until customer gets the right fit, but has to meet following terms:
Exchange has to be requested within 30 days of invoice date.
This service is only available for addresses in the 48 contiguous States.
Free re-delivery is only to the original shipping address.
Return and re-delivery will be via UPS Ground.
Item must be returned in BRAND NEW condition.
Exchange must be requested "before" the product is sent back.
Exchange must be done on the same item (SKU), but with a different size.
basically if it doesnt fit they will pay for the return shipping and ship you another product at no cost to you
thats good
Ill be in Hawaii though so that won't help me
if you use that zip you would be ok
What do you mean?
the one you gave me would work for return I believe.
Yes But I will be in Hawaii when I try the gear
I think you would be more happy with the evolution but if you are comfortable with the plain big eyes package it would save you a bit of money.
So I would have t ship it back from hawaii
Ah ok
I think I'll spend the extra on your recomendation
I think you will be happier :-)
I'm just chatting with my buddy
Ill see what he wants to do
Ok great.
can we invite him to chat with us?
No but if he wants to hit his chat button and ask for me I can talk with you both.
He is at work so we will see if he can
ok no problem.
So on the right side of my screen RE THE ITEMS YOU HAVE RECOMENDED FOR ME
yes sir. you can add which ever you like
I have a 40-42 inch waste
or waist
ok let me find you one
which ever
Aqua 58" Weight Belt with Stainless Steel Buckle Black
There ya go!
did you guy a new BC?
buy,,,,,my computer cant spell today lol
yes I just bought a bc
and its not weight integrated?
there are pockets I can put some weight in though
ok avoid that if you can,,,,dont put a lot in there if you do.
I have a difficult time getting my bounancy right
the more you dive you will get that down.
I'm a big guy so I need lots of weight
LOL so do I no worries.
My body wants to float
mine too.
there is a decent weight belt.
I will get mey weights in hawaii
oh yes dont travel with those.
to expensive to ship or carry on a plane
so what is my total so far?
depending on where you dive they will have them available.
Let me add it all to my cart and ill tell you.
One more question the computer on the gauge is it the same as the wrist version?
if you go with the wrist version you would have to purchase a gauge seperate.
and the wrist version offers a free on line corse with it
does that come with it?
yes I know, I'm just wondering if its the same computer
let me check
they both say veo 100
it comes with the online class too,,,yes same computer
Oceanic "Veo 100" Dive Computer Double Gauge Combo, Yellow
Includes now FREE the Digital online class to get the most out of your dive computer.
im adding the items to the cart
My buddy had to run but I think he might want the reg pack and compass
I want to order it all at the same time so I might not order until tomorrow
Grand Total: $625.65
can you save that for me in a shopping cart?
I have it in mine.....if you want to add them to yours you will have them. Otherwise if you want to chat with me tomorrow evening I can help you through the process.
I would be glad to log on and help you tomorrow night if you needed it.
Sounds good Paula
I will contact you tomorrow when my buddy is ready to order
Im pretty sure I will order the stuff you have in the cart
Ok Ray just so you know it will be tomorrow evening. I work during the day.
Thanks again
where are?
I'm in Western canada
Im in Missouri Central time
time zone?
so its 2 pm ther?
its 1
your 2 hrs ahead
Ill be on about 7
talk to you tomorrow and thanks again
ok if you wanna hit the end chat and let me know how I did that would be great
will do