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Leisure Pro expert product information on Hollis Ride Wing Travel BCD 23lbs.

Kris asked I am looking to get a travel BCD for a relatively small woman's frame, what would you recommend?

Hollis Ride Wing Travel BCD 23lbs

Hollis Ride Wing Travel BCD 23lbs

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Hope M.
Welcome to Leisure Pro, how can we help you?
HI how are you doing today?
Diving in Forest Hills?
Plenty. Do you know where Forest hills is?
Did you get a few in the Brooklyn Battery in last month?
No, I wish I did wanted to take my gear down to the LES.
I grew up in Huntington, and my sister teaches in Flushing.
Ahh very nice.
On to business.
How can I help?
I am looking to get a travel BCD for a relatively small woman's frame.
Have you looked at a harness setup?
I was thinking of either the Zeagle Zena or Lazer.
But I can't tell the difference between them, and they are also on the high end side in price.
They are on the high side. What makes you want a travel bcd?
I have been diving for almost 10 years and have never done a dive in the US.
(I travel for work all the time.)
THe zena has a zip up
Is that comfortable?
it will keep it closer to the body
Let me show you a few others.
A team mate wants me to ask where you dive around Washington DC.
Never do. As I mentioned, never dive in the US.
But I was in the Solomon Islands last week for work so I did a bunch of WWII wrecks.
Cressi Air Travel BCD X-Small Black-Blue
Cressi Air Travel BCD X-Small Black-Blue
Wow I want to go to the Solomon islands.
It was incredible.
Though I almost ended up in a decompression chamber.
50 meters at poor visibility and current is a really bad place to lose your buddy.
By time we tracked the poor bastard down I was all tingles in the extremities.
Hollis Ride Wing Travel BCD 23lbs
Loosing buddies is not good.
Do they ever make you hold the line for the dives?
Nothing. We didn't even have extra tanks on the line. It was a long list of things you should never do.
Which group did you out with?
So much for trusting local knowledge!
yipes for sure.
I love the Hollis Ride wing overall. and it is super adjustable.
Hastily arranged on the beach over beers on Friday afternoon.
Someone with a boat, get some tanks, someone that had done it a few times...
oh no
I guess that's one of those you get what you pay for and you gain experience.
Exactly. No one actually died and I have learned that I shouldn't trust the guy just because he claims he knows what he is doing.
So you think the Hollis?
I LOVE my Hollis.
It is a bit funny looking but I am not really looking for fashion show points.
And it packs down.
IT's lightweight super good for adjusting to YOUR body, Amazingly sturdy.
I beat mine to death and it still looks pretty.
Dragging it on the subway to rockaway puts a toll on it.
I can imagine.
Any downsides?
Not that I have found, only thing I don't like is the crotch strap.
It doesn't work well for me in my drysuit standing on the beach. Usually it's a dude can you grab my strap sort of moment.
I can see that being a bit awkward.
but my buddy was like just don't attach it your fine.
and if you are sitting then it's fine.
I am strictly a warm weather diver so I should be a bit more nimble as well.
and if you don't have a drysuit on its even easier.
So if I was going to by a system to go with this, what do you suggest?
(I have hundreds of dives and this will be the first piece of equipment beyond a mask that I buy.)
Yes, you can't go wrong with Hollis.
They make great equipment.
I usually only get one or two days of diving in on a trip and lugging gear with my business suits seemed like a giant pain in the ass.
well thats what is nice about this Ride
it will compress down to nothing.
the wing drains out and the backplate and harness becomes pretty compact.
So packing it will be a breeze. I just started packing mine for my Dec trip.
Are you going anywhere good?
(Not that Rockaway isn't good - I dated a guy from out there in high school.)
No just the bahamas. It's like staten island in my mind.
I have a wedding in Cozumel in February - that will probably be my next chance to dive.
but it's quick and cheap flights and dives.
I did a liveaboard down there in August.
Good colors but rocky out in Coz
Had a nice time.
There is cave diving down the coast too I think?
I am jumping on a liveaboard in the bahamas
Which one?
Nice. I couldn't make their dates work for me, so I was on a Blackbeard.
It was fun - like camping at sea.
How was blackbeard?
I am happy to camp might not be happy for the 30 second showers.
That got a bit tiresome I will admit.
But you can cheat.
I was taking 4 minute showers.
It wasn't like anyone was going to come in and drag me out soapy.
I would be taking my time till my hair was washed.
Were the living quarters nice?
I have a ton of hair too. It was salt dreadlocks by the time we got to shore.
Comfortable enough to sleep but that is it. Rest of the time in the main cabin or on deck.
I looked at getting on the blackbeard then Agressor dropped the price for a sale.
I am never in my room anyways. I dive non stop
I wanted the Agressor but I needed to time it with a Bachelorette party and I couldn't get the dates to fit right.
We were doing four a day until a hurricane kicked up.
Total screwed the last 36 hours.
I have done the liveaboard hurricane fun got knocked to freeport for two days
went to a resort and snorkeled the beach.
Oh buzzkill.
Well, I should get going.
Thank you for your help.
you are welcome.
One more question - do you think there is any price benefit to waiting until after the holidays to buy?
I don't really need the stuff until the beginning of the year.
I don't know Leisure pro prices are some of the best I have found. So you could just sit and wait and watch.
They change often.
I did some checking and Leisure Pro seem reasonable.
Thanks - I will keep watching.
Have fun in the Rockaways!
Have a great night.
You too.