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Leisure Pro expert product information on Mares Puck Air Computer Console.

Andrew asked How would you compare the mares puck air to the veo 180?

Mares Puck Air Computer Console

Mares Puck Air Computer Console

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Niki M.
Hi, my name is Niki and I'm here to help you with your dive equipment questions today.
just looking at comps/gauges
How are you?
good thanks
how would you compare the mares puck air to the veo 180 - obviously the veo is cheaper but does it do less than the mares?
I wouldn't even put those two in the same category honestly
what are your thoughts on something like that then? i want the most bang for the buck and something that is realable
I think the Puck is a good option. Are you looking for console style for sure?
Honestly i just need a guage. the computer is nice but i dont need it. seems like even good, basic gauges are around 200... so i figured the veo would give me the computer too
but if the mares is equal to a 800 suunto, then i could be game
Can I show you one that might be a great option? It's going to be comparable to the Mares.
Cressi Leonardo Wrist Computer Black/Silver
Do you see the Leonardo?
see i already have a citizen aqualand dive watch
Understood.. very nice watch!
Mares Puck Air Computer Console
love it - the only thing, is i do not think it has the ND alarm
which would be nice
The Puck is a great option for console computer. It's not quite a high end Suunto though
well a suunto or uwatec is out of the question right now
if would just assume to take a very nice, reliable 100 gauage and compass for now
I personally would spend the $300 on the Puck
but the veo180 seems to be a little more for roughly the same price
At the very least you'd have the option to resell it when you are ready to upgrade to a Suunto or Uwatec.
Gauges are fairly worthless on resale.
Have you looked at our used computer options?
yea but i dont really want to get into the used area
how would you rate the veo180?
The Veo180 is entry level but functional.
It's good but not great.
what is the most reliable guage with depth, air and compass?
Most reliable?
Let me pull one up.
soemthing that wil work for a while. i like the veo but i feel like its just waiting to break. i might as well get a traditional gauge and get a comp later
What is your price range that you're looking for Andrew?
well less than 200, if i can get the veo w/ comp for 225
Aeris XR1 NX 3 Gauge Computer Console with Compass
Comparable but what about NX3?
not the biggest aeris fan. wouldnt you rather go wth the mares for $10 more? or the VEO 180 for 60 less?
(Sorry not being trying to be difficult :-)
I'd go with the Mares on that, but would do Aeris over the Veo.
No, you're fine. I understand completely.
You want the best choice for the money
does the mares have more computer functions than the aeris
It does
It's just a better quality brand and more durable in general
haha thanks
okay so mares or Aeris
I'd do Mares over Aeris
(and does the mares have a compass option?)
No, it doesn't
actually ive got a wrist compass i can attach to my bc
I just take one in my BCD as well
does the mares have the air gauge?
sorry i could probably looked that up
It's ok and yes it does
But it's not a wireless transmitter function so everything has to be connected
Of course! Happy to help
if you dont mind can i get your opinion on some regs too
i think i am set on the apek xtx50
Yes absolutely.. which ones?
anything for around that price that is better?
What price point is it at?
what would you suggest?
sorry my chat is messed up - didnt see that... around 300-500
again, I'd probably stay away form Aeris regs
Scubapro MK25/C300 Regulator
I'm not an Aeris fan honestly
I own nothing by them
this was the other ive looked at
Do you see the MK25?
One of the best ones on the market without questions
what is the difference between the mk25 c300 and c600?
The S600? I'm not familiar with a c600?
sorry yea
It's ok
How balanced it is and how advanced with extreme conditions
i will be doing very very little extreme conditions, if any.
99% will be florida keys and caribbean
Then the difference won't be as notable for you
probably never deeper than 130
how does that compare to the xtx50?
It's better in my personal opinion
No parts for life though right? only apeks?
or will leisurepro offer parts for life if i service through you?
We do honor their warranty
but thats only for 2 year right? with scubapro? otherwise no free parts?
ScubaPro is a lifetime warranty
I can verify that for you if you'd like
ive been told scuba pro is only 2 years
I can check for you if you'd like.
that would be great - thanks for all of your help
You're welcome
It is a lifetime warranty on service
oh great
well thats all i have... you arent able to tell me what my custom package would cost would you?
i alreadu have quotes, but i might swtich stuff ot
No, I'm not
ok ill call the guy who already sent it
thanks so much for your help!
You're welcome