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Leisure Pro expert product information on Catalina 80 Cubic Aluminum Tank with Pro Valve Clear.

visitor asked How many litters is 80 cubic?

Catalina 80 Cubic Aluminum Tank with Pro Valve Clear

Catalina 80 Cubic Aluminum Tank with Pro Valve Clear

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Leisure Pro Needler
Jason W.
Hello there, my name is Jason - I will be happy to help you with any equipment questions you may have.
Hi, how are you today?
Hello! I'm good, thank you
I have a question
I'll be happy to help you.
I'd like to buy a scuba tank
Ok, great.. what can I answer for you?
How many litters is 80 cubic?
hmm... haven't been asked that before...
Can you give me a minute?
Thank you.
No problem
10 L
Thank you
You welcome.. what else can I answer for you today?
Am I eligible for free shipping?
Yes, on any product that indicates that it ships free.
Let me check for this tank
Thanks a lot for your help!
Your most welcome.
This is exactly what I would like to buy
Are you currently within the United States?
Yes, I Cleveland, OH
Great, if you are shipping it there, the shipping will be free for you.
Would like to dive Erie lake
Cool Cool, I have never dove it..
You have a few dive buddies up there?
Not yet. Looking for a buddy
Right on... well... .I'm a bit further south.
otherwise that'd be nice.
Great! Thanks a lot for your help!
Your very welcome... If you would like for me to confirm that your order goes through.
And is shipped today.. we can leave this chat window open.
And I can confirm that for you okay?
Ok, thank you
your welcome.. I will be right here.
Thanks. Going to buy the tank right now
K.. just leave this window open and proceed through the checkout :-)
Ok, thanks
You bet :-)
Sorry, one more question: I have a debit card issued in Europe but I'm living in the US. Would it be ok if I enter my European address as billing address and my address in the US as a shipping address?
That is exactly what you need to do :-) Yes
Ok, thanks
when it asks for a rep that helped you, I won't be on the list
Those are only customer service reps, and I am a product specialist.. so you can choose whatever name you like :-)
I see. Thanks
:-) its a common question - your welcome.
Do you have any phone number I can contact you on?
Sorry, I am strictly an online specialist, so no i don't. What question do you have?
I can't press 'Submit my order' button. Is it because I need to sign in?
You shouldn't have to sign in... just be sure that everything is filled out completely.
postal codes, etc.
I filled out everything. Do I have to receive any kind of confirmation that my order was received?
Well, I would see it here if your order goes through.....
and it has not gone through yet.
Is the Submit button greyed out, or can it be pressed?
You may also want to go to the checkout window and hit F5 on your keyboard to refresh the screen
then check and see if there is any red lettering telling you to complete a specific field, that might have been missed.
There it went!
Your order confirmation number is:
LeisurePro Order No: L47273496295065398
The order went through!
Thanks for your help!
Your welcome... What color did you get?/
Electric blue
To match my fins ))
Great.. Your tank will ship today!
Cool deal..
What else can I help you with today?
I'm going to NY next week. Is it possible to visit your store there?
you bet... they'd love to see you there...
the address is:
Leisure Pro 42 West 18th Street New York, NY 10011
Would you please tell me what the best way to get there from the Times Square is?
Hmmm.. I don't live there, I am in the midwest...
I could google it for you
No problem. I'll find out
Thanks one again. I'm set. Have a nice day!
Your always welcome.. have a great day ...
Feel free to hit END CHAT
anytime you wish
Happy Diving!
Thank you! Happy Diving to you too!