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Leisure Pro expert product information on H2YO Underwater Noisemaker Clank Blue.

visitor asked How loud does the SKU: AQUDA dive alert get under water?

H2YO Underwater Noisemaker Clank Blue

H2YO Underwater Noisemaker Clank Blue

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Miyuki S.
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how may i help you?
SKU: AQUDA dive alert....i am wondering how loud it gets under water
there are mixed review of this itme
where do you dive?
do you wear a hood?
if so how thick?
So california
yes i wear hood, 7mm
and my buddy also wear 7mm hood
it will not be extremely loud under water
but you should be able to hear it
we got separated couple of times and it wasn't good
yes i agree
how far apart did you get?
how far of distance from each other? any decibel info of this item?
let me see if i can find out.
may i have a moment please?
that info isn't in the system. i am still searching with dive alert.
thank you for your patience
what if i buy this item and not satisfied? not loud enough...
if i return guys charge fees right?
you would have to pay for shipping
and it cannot be used/put underwater
but it is not very loud under water with a 7mm hood.
other sound signal devices would be just as loud.
what under water signal device is good?
would you like me to show you other cheaper alternatives that would be just as loud?
may I have a moment to pull some up?
H2YO Underwater Noisemaker Clank Blue
This would be just as loud, but honestly in California with 7mm hoods I have yet to find a really loud device.
Your best solution to this is to agree with your buddy
to ascend if you have been separated for more than one minute
and use the regular dive alert to signal at the surface.
on the surface it is extremely loud
I am also a SoCal diver by the way.
oh... :-)
do you still want it for on the surface signalling?
thanks for your info......han
a bright light with a tight beam can also be helpful in locating a buddy
no....i am good with surface