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Leisure Pro expert product information on Aeris Atmos 1, 2, AI, and Elite Battery Kit.

Margo asked how is the Oceanic Air XS regulator/inflator combination complete different than a normal octopus?

Aeris Atmos 1, 2, AI, and Elite Battery Kit

Aeris Atmos 1, 2, AI, and Elite Battery Kit

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Mark S.
Hi, how can I help you today?
Oceanic Air XS regulator/inflator combination Complete
I have a question about Oceanic Air XS regulator/inflator combination Complete
ok, perfect, what can i help you with that?
how is it different than a normal octopus
why does it say combination?
that hooks up the the low pressure inflator and acts as a second octo for you
will it work with Zeagle Zena Womens BCD with Ripcord Weight System
Oceanic Air XS regulator/inflator combination Complete 18 Inch
I am looking to complete my dive gear
hold on a second, i'll check that out
I need a computer and reg and octo
ok, perfect, how much are you looking to spend on your gear?
not sure
I dont want to be ridiculous
I do not dive all that often
but will be spending 10 days getting an rescue diver cert in honduras and doing lots of fun dives
ok, wow, thats awesome.
so, can I use the regulator inflator with my bcd
yea you can use the inflator witht the bcd
how is it different than an normal octo though, dont all of them hook into your bcd?
no, this takes the place of the inflator for your bc
so it is overkill
for the bcd that I have>
and that way you don't have to get an octo on the first stage
its an extra back up reg basically
I am still not getting it
so it is good to have ?
they are for safety
not required
if you want to spend the extra money yes
with most regulator setups, you have your first stage, the part on the tank, then your primary regulator, inflator hose that connects on the bcd, and then your secondary regulator "octo"
and this just gives you one more regulator in case you need it
so if I get this then I will only need what else
regulator with first stage, and the low pressure inflate hose
these come separate right?
do they all need to be the same brand
no not at all
hold on a second and i'll pull up a mid priced setup
Mares MR22 Abyss Regulator (old style)
so this is your first stage and regulator
what about this Cressi MC-9/Ellipse Titanium Regulator
there is a used one
very nice choice. nothing wrong with that, how much does the used one show?
is it better or worse than the Oceanic Delta 4.1 FDX10 Diaphragm Regulator with Environmental seal, Black with Swivel
that is a great price.
Cressi Ellipse Balanced MC9 Regulator
the main thing you want to look for in a regulator is that its balanced, and that its a diaphram
the oceanic is 375
and the cressi is 270
the cressi that is used is a titanium one not exacltly the same as the one that you showed on the picture
Cressi Ellipse Balanced MC9 Regulator
ok, yea that cressi is a good one
two hp ports and four lp ports
are you going to want to get that oceanic air xs? or to you want to look for an octo as well?
where do you do most of your diving now?
in mexico
no ice diving or anything like that?
I am going to get the oceanic xs
no ice diving for me
haha, ok, just wanted to cross that off
so the used cressi right?
so the cressi over the oceanic?
for that price, i would, and all the gear is checked over so there won't be any problems.
ok so oceanic xz
the cressi
any thing else
are you going to want a bag for them?
the oceanic xs you said it does not come with a low pressure hose?
i'll double check that for you now
thank you
hmmm i can't find out if it does or not. Did you get one with your bcd?
I don't think that it does come with one.
yeah, there is one in the bcd
ok, perfect
now I need help choosing a console
or computer
ok. do you want gauges or computer?
there are a lot that are used
not sure
what I want
Suunto Cobra Computer Console
nothing to complex
why that one
ok, well i use this, the suunto cobra
its VERY easy to use
everything is automatic on it. just get in the water and look at it when you need to
i have had mine for over two years. i absoutely love it
its air integrated, tells you how much air you have, then how much time you have left before you run our, and how much longer you can stay down before you hit deco
and most are not like this?
are not air integrated?
most console models are, most wrist mounted ones aren't, well the affordable ones at least
but no compass?
its just a simple computer, very durrable, i'm very rough on my gear...
Suunto Cobra Computer Console with Compass & Quick Disconnect
there is one it a little more
Suunto SK7 Add-On Compass for Cobra, Vyper, Gekko And Zoop Consoles (end mount)
or you can add it on yourself for only 70bucks
how about this used one?
Suunto Cobra 2 Computer Console with Quick Disconnect
its 475?
i honestly haven't used the cobra 2 or 3, when i got mine i was told that the first one would work just as fine
that one is not available
the first one
and you feel like it is better than USED: Oceanic Pro Plus 2, Air/Nitrox, Air Integrated Computer, with Compass & Quick Disconnect
oh and another thing about these cobras is that you can replace the batteries at home rather than sending them out
and you can't mess up the computer if you put it in wrong
do you think the cobra 2 is as good?
i was never a fan of the big window type computers, i've found that they scratch too easy from rocks and stuff
i do not think there will be any problems with the 2
is there a cheaper option that you recommend that you can change the battery and easy to use?
yea, i'll pull up a few, you said you are going to be taking a few clasees coming up right? would you be needing one to be nitrox? or would you just like a basic computer?
I would like nirox
ok, hang on a sec, i'll grab a few
what part of the country are you in? just for conversation purpose...
but am from sd
oh ok, nice. i'm in encinitas
yeah I saw
and are you wanting to stay with the used computer?
here is the sherwood wisdom 2 link, its used and pretty much the same features of the cobras
It does not need to be used, but I want a good value
and do they have compasses that go with?
that sherwood doesn't have the compass on it
ok and not quick disconnect
that last sherwood was not quick disconnect, is that something that you would like with the computer?
that is better right?
that is just a personal preferance, if you want to store it somewhere safe while not diving.
store safe
not that important?
yea not really, i keep my regulators in a bag so i'm not too worried about it, i feel if its disconnected, its just one more thing that you could forget before going on a trip or dive
Aeris Atmos AI Air Integrated Computer Console, With Compass
Aeris Atmos AI Air Integrated Computer Console, With Compass & Quick Disconnect
here is another from aeris, similar to the suunto
we are on the same page
is that a used one?
ok, that is another great computer, very similar, most of the same functions. as cobra. great reviews and easy to use as well
and that one comes with leisure pros 2 year waranty as well
ok.. so it looks like 500 is about what needs to be spent?
correct, that will get you a computer that will work very well and give you room to grow
ok thank you for all your help
and there is nothing else that I need?
no problem, what one are you thinking aobut?
ok, great choice
so we have the cressi first and second stage, oceanic reg/inflator and the aeris computer right?
XS Scuba Regulator Bag (BG560)
these bags are very durable if you need one
keeps everything together
ok but nothing else equipment wise?
and you think the aeris over the sherwood?
yea the aeries would be a better bet, with compass great deal
the sherwood also comes with compass
yea i would recomend the aeris over the sherwood
ok... thank you
are you going to purchase these now?
ok, perfect, leave this window open during checkout so if there are any problems i can help :-)
hows it working for ya?
what battery goes with the aeris
hold on a sec, i'll find one
Aeris Atmos 1, 2, AI, and Elite Battery Kit
there it is, 16.95
you are not on the list of salespeople
yea those are the in store people. we get credit for online chats
do I say that no one helped me
yea that works
thank you