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stanley asked Does the Tusa Compact 3 Gauge Console (SCA-330) come with a hose?

Cressi XS Octopus

Cressi XS Octopus

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Miyuki S.
Hi, how can I help you today?
i'm a new beginer
Hi how are you?
so i like to know wetherthe 3 gauge in your shop include a hose?
May I have your name please?
yes it includes the hose.
what gauge are you looking at?
every 3 gauge will include a HP hose?
i believe so, but let me check on the one you are looking at.
which one are you looking at?
can you please tell me or send me the link?
Tusa Compact 3 Gauge Console (SCA-330)
do you need help choosing one?
older style
is it the used one safe?
and accurare?
tes. it is inspected an serviced before being put up for sale
such as do you test it at depth to see if it work well?
i am not sure exactly how the inspect it but it is
made sure to function
what is your budget for a 3 gauge console?
under 150
may i have a moment to see what we have for you?
and a well and cheap oct
do you need a metric console?
are you able to see the links?
Aeris Maxdepth Console
are you still with me?
Cressi XS Octopus
can you see these items?
are you there?
are you there stanley?
i've put up some items for you?
do you have any questions about them?
are you able to look at them?
the chat will time out soon
please come back and start a chat if you have more questions
have a great day!
i' ve seen them
ok great
do you have any other questions?
or would you like to place an order today?
yes thanks
i will make the choice
Could you please leave the chat window open in the background while you check out?
I would like to be able help you if issues arise during check-out & confirm that your order has been received by Leisure Pro and has begun processing.
Also, to be honest, it is how I receive credit for helping you.
sorry , but i'm not sure which to buy and like to see more product
no problem.
very thanks
have good day
my pleasure.
you too!