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Leisure Pro expert product information on XS Scuba Collection Bag.

Knox asked Does the reel with line come with the cressi gerronimo Elite speargun?

XS Scuba Collection Bag

XS Scuba Collection Bag

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Leisure Pro Needler
Miyuki S.
Hi, I'm Miyuki and I'm here to answer your gear related questions.
How are you doing tonight?
How may I help you?
I am looking at the cressi gerronimo Elite speargun, does the reel come with line
Let me check on that.
May I have a moment please?
you bet
Yes it does
great thanks
it comes with reel and ready to be used
will you be placing an order tonight?
if you shot something big, do you need a bouy
how big?
this is not that big a gun.
I don't think you would need a bouy
I plan on placing a 400 to 500 dollar order, any discount coupons
so sorry. I only have a discount code for packages
scuba, wetsuits, or snorkeling
what is in your cart?
what type of packages
scuba, wetsuits, or snorkeling
fins,mask, snorkel,gun, hat,
weight belt and weights
do you have a gear bag?
in your cart?
snokeling and speargun fishing
no gearbag
if you add
even a very cheap gear bag
i can give you a 5% discount for qualifying for a snorkel package
XS Scuba Collection Bag
This one is 5.95
would you want to do that
the 5% would apply to the whole order
if you have not used the code before
that would be great
Aqua Small Dry-Bag 5" X 7"
this dry bag is 4.95
and would make you qualify.
what is the dry bag for
to keep items dry when you are at the beach or on a boat
would you like to add one of these bags and get the discount?
ok, I could take the collection bag and dry bag
you'd just need to add one
to your cart
are you otherwise ready to checkout?
how does the discount apply
it applies to the whole order
how do I do it
you would need to leave this window open
while you check out
and when you get to the payment section
let me know
there is a box for the code there
and then i will give it too you
does that make sense?
ok it will take about 5 mins, then I will get the code from u
no problem. just make sure to add the bag. :-)
got it
i'll chill here
XS Scuba Collection Bag
Aqua Small Dry-Bag 5" X 7"
XS Scuba Collection Bag
Is everything going alright?
Im back
Aqua Small Dry-Bag 5" X 7"
XS Scuba Collection Bag
I have gone thru the payment and it is asking for the coupon code
ready for the code
I got the Scuba Collection bag
are you ready for the code?
all caps
ok hang on
sure thing
did it work okay?
yes it did thanks, I will finish the order now
great! I will tell you when your order processes.:-)
ok thanks
no problem
Leisure Pro has received your order and it has begun processing. You should be receiving an email within an hour. Please make note of your order number.
Do you have any other questions or concerns?
any speardiving books
hmm let me check
one moment please
I meant spearfishing
yes gotcha
no sorry no spearfishing books
sorry about that.
just some fish id cards
NO worries, thanks for your help and the discount
It's been a pleasure!
Merry Christmas
Merry Xmas!
and have a great night!
over and out
over and out