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Leisure Pro expert product information on Mares Nemo Matrix Wrist Computer.

visitor asked Does the Mares Nemo Matrix Wrist Computer autamatically adjust for altitude?

Mares Nemo Matrix Wrist Computer

Mares Nemo Matrix Wrist Computer

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Jason W.
Hello there, my name is Jason - I will be happy to help you with any equipment questions you may have.
Hi there, how are today?
Does this computer autamatically adjust for altitude?
I will check on that now for you... You are doing some altitiude diving?
Mares Nemo Matrix Wrist Computer
Sometimes I do
OK, great.. Can you give me a minute please?
Thank you
It is in fact altitude adjustable, but not automatic.. So the answer is no...
But I do imagine the setting should be fairly easy to operate... Does that answer your question?
Yes it does thank you
Your very welcome... what else can I answer for you today?
That is it thanks
Do you think you will be purchasing this item today?
Or might you need help finding anther computer?
No sir just getting a feel for whats out there
OK, thanks for visiting.. free free to hit END CHAT whenever you wish
Have a nice day :-)
ok thanks