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Leisure Pro expert product information on H2Odyssey Extra Air Source Yoke Kit Package.

Bryan asked Does the H2 Odyssey Extra Air Source comes with a tank?

H2Odyssey Extra Air Source Yoke Kit Package

H2Odyssey Extra Air Source Yoke Kit Package

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Kimberly S.
Welcome to LeisurePro. I'm here to be your personal equipment consultant. Let's get started picking out the perfect gear for you!
Hi. My name is Kim
How can I help you?
Hi Kim, does this item come with the tank?
Yes it does! Can I help you with any other questions about this system?
is it like a spare air system? Are the tanks the same size?
it is like spare air but let me check on the tank size for you
Spare-Air 3000 3.0 Kit, Yellow
The Spare air tank is 3 cubic feet, the odyssey is 6 cubic feet
how deep will you be diving?
Shallow, maybe D/T 80max
down to
Can I make a suggestion on which to get?
yes please
Will you be nearing your no decompression limits when diving?
possibly photos mostly
cool! :-)
about 20 ft or so usually
good to know
sometimes near 50 60 though but not often
Still better to be safe
I would recommend getting the spare-air then if you will be staying shallow. if you get down beflow 60ft though, I would recommend the H2Odyssey - because it is bigger, it iwll give you more air
and you can make a nice slow, controlled ascent
and even have some air for a safety stop
yes, more time is good!
i would go with the H2Odyssey if it were me
Well, let me figure it out and I will get one.
I will wait here while you read up on it
I am leaning to the odyssey
once you've decided, I will ensure your order gets proccessed correclty :-)
I agree
it is a little more money but definitely worth it
OK, can I get back to you?
yes, please just don't close this window
K will keep in the window.
I will wait here while you read about it
No worries on length of time
I can wait :-)
maybe 1/2 hour, I need to do something
no problem
I will wait here
H2Odyssey Extra Air Source Yoke Kit Package
H2Odyssey Extra Air Source Yoke Kit Package
OK, looks like there are 2 Odyssey systems one 269 279 and one 339 what are the differences?
the one that is more expensive comes with the bottle. the less expensive one is just the 1ststage and regulator
plus the more expensive one has the bottle holder
if you wanted a bigger pony bottle than 6 cubic feet, then I would suggest getting the cheaper of these two opetion, plus a different size pny bottle
however, I think 6 cubic feet will be just right for the diving you'll be doing?
Oh, ok. so you think better to buy up a size pony bottle maybe a 19?
or too big?
i honestly think that'll be too big
the 6 cubic feet with be the perfect size to not get in your way too
the 19 cubic foot will be more cumbersome and get in the way when you are taking photos
OK,I agree is there an estimate for breath count for the 6
let me check for you :-)
I was thinking the 19 for deeper structures. But at 52 years I try to stay shallow
around 140 surface breaths on the 6 cubic ffoot
Wow, your right, that is more than enough
yep :-)
OK lets go with the 6
i will wait here while you check out
once you hit the submit button, I will ensure it was processed correctly :-)
do you need a link to the 6 cubic foot set-up?
your name is not in the drop down
oh no worries. as long as this window remains open, the system will credit me with helping you
thank you for asking though
I appreciate it
Yes, so leave it blank, yeah?
yep :-)
I see your receipt here
you hsould receive a confirmation e-mail shortly
ok yes
would you like me to wait while you go look?
it normally takes 3-5 minutes to arrive
no you have waited way too lone
oh ok
is there anything else i can assist you with?
H2Odyssey Extra Air Source Yoke Kit Package
no, I am good today.
Is there a way to contact you in the future?
awesome. I hope you enjoy your new gear! good luck with those photos! I normally am here during this hour
so if you need something, just come on back into the chat and ask for Kimberly S :-)
OK I will do, I will need more items but need to wait till after the holidays
no problem. I'd love to help you again when your ready
Yes, I appreciate the help
no problem. it was a pleasure
you bet Bryan. take care and happy diving :-)
Thanks be safe
you too. when you are ready, please click end chat