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Leisure Pro expert product information on Mares Package #1.

nick asked Does the BC in the Mares 1 pkg have integrated weight pouches?

Mares Package #1

Mares Package #1

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Leisure Pro Needler
Miyuki S.
Hi, how can I help you today?
Hi! How are you today?
does the BC in the Mares 1 pkg have integrated weight pouches?
Let me check on that for you
Good, how are you? Thanks
Steve had to step away. Is it alright if I help you instead?
How are you doing today?
May I have your name please?
You did earlier today, I bought the pkg on the phone. Just realized I may need a weight belt
Welcome back Nick!
and yes you would need a belt
that BC in not weight integrated.
nuts. ok
would you like me to pull some up?
aren't they expensive to ship?
the weights are
but i believe we have some weight belts that ship free
may i have a moment to check please?
ok, I have the set coming already, maybe they can put it in the same box
ok. one moment please
are you still there?
Pinnacle Standard Weight Belt Black
the pinnacle is a good standard weight belt
it ships for free
ok, can you add the yellow one to the order?
Mares Package #1
you would have to buy it separately but it does ships for free
ok, thanks
Could you please leave the chat window open in the background while you check out?
I would like to be able help you if issues arise during check-out & confirm that your order has been received by Leisure Pro and has begun processing.
Also, to be honest, it is how I receive credit for helping you.
oh, alright. sorry
great thanks!
I will let you know when your order is received successfully
please let me know if you have any problems
Leisure Pro has received your order and it has begun processing. You should be receiving an email within an hour. Please make note of your order number.
Do you have any other questions or concerns?
not now, thank you!
It's been a pleasure! Have a great day and Happy Holidays!