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Leisure Pro expert product information on Aeris AT 400 Pro Regulator.

Nic asked Does the Aeris AT 400 Pro Regulator comes with the DVT first stage?

Aeris AT 400 Pro Regulator

Aeris AT 400 Pro Regulator

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Justin R.
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May I have your name please?
My name's Nic
Hi Nic, how are you today?
Soing good
Great to hear, how can I help you?
I was just wondering if this regulator came with the DVT first stage?
The picture shows it as DVT
Can you give me a moment to look into this?
but its not listed in the product name
The picture in this item is inaccurate, it is not the DVT 1st stage
I actually prefer that
Sorry for the error on the picture
One more question
Okay great
I heard that this reg had a recall on it some years ago due to a free flow issue
Does this reg come with the full manufactures warranty in the event that I get one that has this issue?
This has a full 2 year manufacturer's warranty
OK, great.
Do you know when the ones you have in stock were manufactured?
I'm sorry but I don't have that information available
I believe it was in 2007/2008 that they had the issue
OK, thanks for the info. Have a great day!
You're welcome. Would you like to purchase the regulator today? Or have any other questions about it?