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Leisure Pro expert product information on Cressi Leonardo Wrist Computer Black/Silver.

Brad asked does Hollis DC2 does it come with a LP inflator hose?

Cressi Leonardo Wrist Computer  Black/Silver

Cressi Leonardo Wrist Computer Black/Silver

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Niki M.
Hi, my name is Niki and I'm here to help you with your dive equipment questions today.
Hi Brad, how are you?
looking at the hollis regulator set
Great choice! How can I help with that?

Hollis DC2 212 Regulator & Hollis 321 Octo Package
what is your opinion of this set for the money
I think Hollis is one of the top brands for your money.
does it come with a LP inflator hose
Yes, it comes with the hoses
but does it have the one that conects to the BCD
Yes, it does.
Do you already own your BCD?
Auqa lung pro QD
Was that a recent purchase? That QD option is great!
an ebay purchase sorry
No problem at all.. as long as you got a good one, where doesn't matter.
all i would need to complete the reg set is the gauges
Did you have a brand that you were looking at?
well I have been looking at the Veo 180 computer
Decent computer.
good value for the money
any recomendations
It is. So do you like the wrist mounts?
well not sure first one
I prefer wrist as it's one less thing to be bulky in the water
then you use a pressure gauge and compas on the hose
Tusa Element 3 Gauge Computer Console with Compass (SCA-351)
I do
However, if you're looking at a 3 face, this Tusa is a good one.
Suunto Pressure Gauge with Hose & Boot (SPG)
any other computers in that price range that are better
Suunto is a pressure gauge though that is reliable to combine with a computer.
What price range are you looking at?
in the area of 200
Not really a lot of options in that range.
well under 300
It really takes stepping up to around $300 to get into a few other alternatives. Would you like to see some of those?
Aeris XR1 NX Wrist
Cressi Leonardo Wrist Computer Black/Silver
Do you see the Cressi?
Do you like that one?
It's a great wrist computer for the price point especially.
much better that the Aeris or the Veo
I think so, yes

Mares Puck Wrist Computer
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Mares Puck is a good one.
what do I gain by getting the Cressi over the ones I showed
Let me check something on the Puck
That was my fear - the Puck is out of stock and has been for over a month
really good price
Very, but that was its discontinued price unfortunately.

Aeris XR1 NX Wrist Computer
The Aeris isn't bad. But I haven't found many who would say its as reliable as other brands
same with the VIO 180
Veo is a bit behind the others.
They updated to the Geo which is a great one - but is in the $400 range
ok looks like I have some decisions to make
Most definitely! I would recommend sticking with a $300 range computer.
It's only a bit more but definitely gives you more features.
ok thanks
You're welcome Brad!