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Leisure Pro expert product information on Tusa RS-510 Regulator.

visitor asked Do the regulators come with an octopus or do you have to order that separately?

Tusa RS-510 Regulator

Tusa RS-510 Regulator

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Leisure Pro Needler
Jenna M.
Hello! Welcome to Leisure Pro!
HI! How are you today?
hello Jenna how are you today?
I'm good
how are you?
i am just wondering about a regulator
What can I help to answer?
Aeris AT 400 Sport DVT Regulator, New Style
do the regulators come with an octopus or do you have to order that seperately?
You will have to order the octo separately
does it have to be the same brand?
The reg only includes the first stage and the primary second stage
Nope, it sure doesnt
you will have to order a gauge set or computer as well
ah yes
Do you want help finding an octo?
and guage set?
what do you suggest?
Are you on a budget?
I would suggest a cheap octo
Just something that works
I'll pull one up
yeah i am not looking to spend a ton no
This is the aeris A1 octo
its $69.95
Yup. And the gauges. I'll pull those up as well
thank you
No problem. Just a second
Aeris Max-Depth Console
Here is a set of guages
These are actually the ones that I use, and I really like them
Its small
What do you think?
looks good
Awesome ;-)
Do you think you will purchase today?
no not today unfortunately but i do appreciate the assistance
Not a problem! Glad to help you out!
Are there any other questions I can help with today?
no i think that is everything i was looking at today
have a great day!!!
oh i do have one more you ship to Canada?
yes we do
You're welcome!
happy holidays!
you too