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Leisure Pro expert product information on Aeris Elite Hoseless Wrist Computer & Transmitter.

visitor asked Do Leisure Pro carry pressure/depth gauge with d-ring attachable?

Aeris Elite Hoseless Wrist Computer & Transmitter

Aeris Elite Hoseless Wrist Computer & Transmitter

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Leisure Pro Needler
Ben P.
Hi, I'm Ben. How can I help you today?
Hello fellow Coloradan!
Heyo how bout it!
I'm trying to find a pressure/depth gauge
kinda small and d-ring attachable
sure. so a full console then?
cheap cheap cheap
hehe, I've gotcha.
bear with me, I'm going to pull a few up.
thank ya
no problem.
Can you see the items I'm putting in the chat tray on the right?
How am I doing so far, are these working for you?
Skippin on the compass
oh, by the way, the prices are actually lower on the site than in the chat window.
Tusa Double Gauge (SCA-230)
so just click the link and you'll see the actual prices. These are the 3 lowest cost.
Oceanic Maxdepth Combo Double Gauge "Old Style"
Is tusa any good?
Sure, they make good quality gear
Cressi and Oceanic are good established brands as well
cressi's been around a LONG time in fact.
On this oceanic, it looks like there might be a compass boot on the back of the pressure gauge?
let me take a look.
Or does it just bulk out a bit
Cressi Mini 2 Gauge Console Metric
boy, I'll have to look at it a bit.
It has the spot for one, but no compass in there.
it's just a blank, you could add one later if you like. That's kind of nice.
I keep mine on a lanyard
Do you not want the compass?
Don't like using one on a console
I don't blame you. You don't HAVE To use it.....
What are your thoughts? Do you have any questions for me?
I'm wondering if I should just stick with my oceanic datamax...
And trying to replace the battery in the thing
Hmm, I'm not familiar with that one.
It's a good 25+ years old at this point
I tell you, if you had the budget, there's some AMAZING deals on the Oceanic VT3 right now, and I'm told they're shipping the newer replacement if you buy the VT3.
it's fully integrated with the PC Download cable.
How amazing?
let me pull it up.
Oceanic VT3 Hoseless Wrist Computer & Transmitter with PC Download Kit
Keep in mind, this is a fully integrated computer. So on your wrist you get standard depth and time, plus tank pressure, all wireless.
Do you use a redundant spg hose?
I've heard this comp is pretty much the same as the aeris elite
I do...I have both an older Suunto Vyper and a super cheapo giveaway SPG that I will switch between
I've heard that too, actually, but I can't confirm if there's any similarities manufacturing wise.
Here's the kicker...we're hearing from customers that they're shipping the new VT 4.1 instead of the VT3 if you buy the 3.
I can't confirm that 100%, but I've been told it by two different sources of late.
Well that would be pretty peachy
indeed. Major upgrade.
Dunno if I've got 650 to spare though
yeah, that's the tough part.
BTW, the VT4.1 has the compass on board too....voila done!
There's a guy locally selling his Aeris Elite (not the vt3 equiv, but the one just older) for 225
that's not bad...but, is he including the transmitter too?
Was about to give it to me for 60 but he realized how much it was worth
Really, the transmitter and the pc cable are where you can get burned on wrist computers.
I guess I'm not too concerned about the pc cable
Suunto hit me for almost $100 on my cable....
oh man, it's awesome when you can just upload and be done.
What for, though?
my entire logbook is on the computer.
plus, I used to spend an hour after a 4 tank dive doing logs. Now I just dive, pack up, and relax.
I've got a confession...I don't log
many, many people done.
dont that is.
it can bite you when you're going to certify or do a gnarly dive where the divemaster is skeptical.
otherwise, you may never have a reason to.
where do you dive mostly?
I haven't been much in the past few years, but have been around the warmwater of the world save indo in the past 10 years
nice! Do you do any local diving at all?
Trying to get into it once I snag some gear
Got the blue hole treatment last month doing master diver cert
Nice! I love Blue Hole.
Its the wind I've got a qualm with
Where do you dive locally?
Compared to where I first certified, it's heaven
Tell me not chatfield?
no, I grew up in Wisconsin....
oh dang
first 400 dives I couldn't see in front of my face unless it was ice diving
I was tied to my buddy (literally) for the first 100 for safety
What compelled you to do those haha
We do some ice diving in the mountains, but mostly either blue hole, Utah, or away
Ice diving is amazingly have to try it once.
I'd love to - where you do it up there?
Depends, we usually just go along with the shop so we don't have to mess with a chainsaw, etc.
They've done chatfield in the past, but quite a few others too.
Lake Isabel is popular.
Up past nederland?
no, down south, past Pueblo
oh the big one
yep... is there another?
alpine one west of boulder about 25 miles or so
Nice, haven't been there yet.
Do people get in alpine lakes at all?
sure. I've done a couple, mostly to say that I've been diving at really high altitude.
I've seen people do Dillon when it's not almost empty
I'm thinking 10,000+ feet
Above treeline style
You can dive one on Pikes Peak I think. You'd have to verify that, though
I'm interested lol
I bet you could dive in Elevenmile too...that is, when they open it back up after the fires.
Have you done night diving cert yet?
yes, indeed. It's a great one too. It's really common with AOWD
I've done a few down in mexico / in a wreck once. Did a couple night dips at the hole too. Doing naui master so there wasn't a night cert really
NAUI, huh? Surprised they're out here.
Fella up at CU
ahh, nice.
well, we're running one of those "24 hour deal" type promos right now....great's the one today:
if you're going to be going in dark or bad water, that's a great deal.
Shoot no kidding
a few days ago they had a regulator that was amazing for a steal.
I almost bought one myself, even though I have 5 regs :-)
My mk10/d300/g250 gets me by :-p
that's a good rig.
Should I pull the trigger on that 225 aeris elite?
(I like the rig a lot)
Hard for me to say without seeing it. With something like that, it's buyer beware.
is it the T3 model?
It looks pretty much new, he's got it sitting in the box
It is not
Aeris Elite Hoseless Wrist Computer & Transmitter
Just the standard elite
So like that one?
does it include the transmitter?
not bad, not bad.
How reliable are those transmitters?
Not bad. As long as you have at least an SPG, you're good.
Ben, I hate to not buy anything
well, I'm sure I could find you something, but it's not necessary....I'm not commissioned
Well shoot, I really appreciate the help
sure! Just keep us in mind when you're upgrading other gear.
I'm sure I'll be able to swindle my way down to 200 on that comp and use an old spg
Just grabbed a harness from ya'll so I do!
Onwards sir!