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Leisure Pro expert product information on Aeris EX 300 Women's BCD with QLR Weight Pockets, Black Medium.

visitor asked Do Leisure Pro carry any used BCDs?

Aeris EX 300 Women's BCD with QLR Weight Pockets, Black Medium

Aeris EX 300 Women's BCD with QLR Weight Pockets, Black Medium

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Leisure Pro Needler
Miyuki S.
Hi, I'm Miyuki and I'm here to answer your gear related questions.
How are you doing today?
May I have your name please?
Hi Alfred!
How may I help you?
I was wondering i you guys dabbled in any used BCDs
We generally have some.
may I have a moment to see what we have in stock?
sure thing
We do have a few. Roughly what size are you?
well its a gift. anything in the range of a womens M
but a mens would work
let me check.
Are you able to click on the link?
Mares Hybrid She Dives BC With MRS Plus Weight System
Size Small/Medium
that looks great, and i know im probably going to sound unreasonable, but it has to be under$120
oh okay
I am saving to get her a much nicer one later, but she needs one right now
let me see if I can find something
like i said, anything is fine
as long as the size is right
USED: Mares Vector Origin BCD
would that fit for a womesn M
It should fit for a womens M
but let me double check
fantastic, and is there any other in that price range
that is the only used i found in the price range, but let me check our sales
may i have a moment again please?
thank you!
do you know her height and weight roughly?
around 5'8 and 170
one moment please
a medium would actually fit her better
the small mares might fit, but looking at the size chart it looks a tad small
so is there on in M
there is not a M
alright then, well thank you so much for your help
we have an aeris at around 200
and a new aeris on sale at 175
returns are free
its ok, thank you again for all your help
right now so you can try the mares
i really appreciate it
and always return it
that sounds awesome thanks
would you like to place an order today?
no il wait a few days
do you have any more questions?
nope im good