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Leisure Pro expert product information on Genesis "React Pro" Dive Computer Inline Console.

Hunter asked difference between an inline and compact computer unit?

Genesis "React Pro" Dive Computer Inline Console

Genesis "React Pro" Dive Computer Inline Console

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Jason W.
Hello there, my name is Jason - I will be happy to help you with any equipment question you might have.
Hi there, how are you today?
I'm looking to get a new computer but I'm not sure of the difference between an inline and compact unit? Specifically the genesis react pro compact or inline. Also, would you recommend the genesis react or resource computer?
Is this the model you are looking at?
Yes. that is the compact console. what is the difference between this and the react pro inline console?
Let me take a look real quick..
Can you give me a minute Hunter?
Yeah sure. no problem.
Thank you.
Just as I thought
the compass will be at the very top of the console
on the same side as SPG and computer
Genesis "React Pro" Dive Computer Inline Console
Like this...
Genesis React Pro Dive Computer Console, CG3909
So does the compact unit have a compass on the back then?
Precisely what I was looking at.
No there is no compass on the compact model.
This is a nice setup for the sale price...
Genesis "React Pro" Dive Computer Inline Console
Oceanic VEO 3.0 Air/Nitrox Wrist Dive Computer
Genesis "React Pro" Dive Computer Inline Console
I agree! I do already have a 3 gauge set, just without a computer so I don't really need 2 sets of everything. Any other computers that you'd recommend? I'd rather not have a watch style, too afraid it might break or something.
So you don't have a computer right now, right Hunter?
I have a 3 gauge console. without computer
So, you'll sell you other console and get the one shown here?
well.. how about pulling the depth gauge out?
and throwing a puck in there?
I'm not sure what you mean? pull the depth out of what?
you have a three gauge console now right?
one depth
one SPG
and one compass
Is this right?
Let me pull a puck up for you..
Can you give me a minute Hunter?
yeah sure thing. thanks for all this help!
Thanks... and your welcome.
Can you tell me which console you currently have?
its actually a scubapro model. let me check
ok thanks.
Uwatec Aladin 2G Wrist Computer
This model shows as a wrist watch, but is a puck...
which.. if your console allows you to pull out your depth gauge.
You can pull this puck (computer) from the wrist band and put it into your current console.
uwatec computers are made by scubapro.
Genesis "React Pro" Dive Computer Inline Console
Genesis React Pro Dive Computer Console, CG3909
Uwatec Aladin 2G Wrist Computer
Are you still with me Hunter?
Oh wow, so would it be air integrated like the genesis ones? Also, I can't seem to find the model of mine
oh ok...
The genesis aren't air integrated - I don't think.
Genesis "React Pro" Dive Computer Inline Console
Genesis React Pro Dive Computer Console, CG3909
Oh I was thinking they were. Are there any that are?
You bet... with or without a compass?
Mares Puck Air Computer Console
with would be better
Mares Puck Air Computer Console with Compass
I like this one! I could just keep my current console as a backup and use this. very compact.
Yeh.. I like the slimline design as well.
Great stuff Jason! Thanks for all your help.
Your welcome Hunter.... Are you getting it today?
Most likely. I already have a pretty big cart together.
Cool.. your gonna have a blast...
I will leave the chat window open for you ok?
Jason, another question
yes Hunter?
does this unit have software to upload dives and keep a log?
You bet
Mares PC Interface for Nemo Wide, Nemo Air & Puck Computers (USB)
I have pulled it up here.
cool thanks. so without this cable, it can't be connected to computer? Pretty pricey
But the program comes withit.... will give you logs and profile, etc.
You can always get the cable later on.
Okay cool. do you know if the inline genesis we were looking at is able to connect to a computer like this mares one?
Most all of them do let me check it out.
Mares Mission Puck 3 Computer Console
Genesis "React Pro" Dive Computer Inline Console
Mares Mission Puck 3 Computer Console
Yes it does too..
do you need that SKU number?
No i still have it pulled up. Thanks again Jason!
Your welcome Hunter.. I will leave the chat window open for you.. to ensure your order goes through.
Oh, just thought of another. will the mares unit be compatible with mac?
Checking now.. great question.
No, not Mac.
dang... that's all i have...
the same is for the Genesis..
know of any that are?
I am not sure how many out there are Mac compatible
that's what i just saw when i googled
Suunto "Vyper" Air/Nitrox 2 Gauge Computer Console
Mares Puck Air Computer Console with Compass
Suunto "Cobra" Air/Nitrox, Air Integrated Computer Console with Compass
This is the air integrated model
with compass.
any chance either of these would be on sale anytime soon?
I don't have that information to be honest with you.
I figured not haha. well in your opinion, how much more of a benefit is air integrated?
Suunto is a brand a lot of technical divers use.... because of its capabilities.
Comes down to personal preference... I don't care to really on a computer to read my air consumption
but if you ok with that... then you don't have a big console..
yeah and I'd still have my 3 gauge console as a backup.
Yeh, you got it Hunter.
well jason, again, again, haha thanks for everything. let me sift through all this and try to figure out what i'm going to do.
Your welcome Hunter... You can always ask for me whenever your in chat.
I will get a little credit if you happen to purchase while we are chatting.
great thanks! well i'll definitely let you know if i decide to purchase tonight! any chance there's any promotions or coupons out right now?
I don't have any Hunter....
You could search the internet maybe?
They don't allow us to deal with coupons.
cause the prices are pretty good
No problem. I'll get back on here if I order! thanks for everything thus far haha
Your welcome Hunter.. I will be online for a while longer...
or you can hit END CHAT anytime you like.
Happy Diving!
What do you think Hunter?
Are you still shopping Hunter?
yeah i've found a few others i'm looking at. they are all suunto cobras for the mac compatibility. its the cobra 2 w/ quick disconnect, the cobra3 w electronic compass, and the plain cobra air integrated.
Suunto Cobra 3 Air/Nitrox Air Integrated Computer Console with Electronic 3D Compass
Now your looking at something that will last you matter which direction you take your diving? :-)
Suunto Cobra Air/Nitrox Air Integrated Computer Console
I like the quick disconnect feature...
when I travel, and leave my gear in the resorts lockers.. I can take my computer with me.
yeah. I think I'll save up for the cobra3. that thing is sweet! and I figure if i'm going to spend money might as well get the best.
well... yeh.... I think so....
What cert do you have Hunter?
Just out of curiousity
open water right now but the plan is to go through divemaster and go to work in a swimsuit haha
haha, right on....
I did that in Destin....
no shoes, ever
sometime sandals
Can I help you with your checkout tonight?
yeah sure thing man! i'll put all the skus on here. I think i'm going to hold off on the computer for now though.
give me a sec
ok, no problem....
You just need to add them to your cart.. and then go through the checkout process
and I will confirm for you that the order went through
so i just go through the checkout like usual?
yes... just with this chat window still open.. and that'll give me some points.
toward some gear :-)
Suunto Cobra 3 Air/Nitrox Air Integrated Computer Console with Electronic 3D Compass, Quick Disconnect Hose
yeah no problem!
When i looked on the list that said "did someone help you" i didn't see your name?
Oh, that's ok Hunter. only the corporate employees are listed there...
customer service..
So you can choose anyone you like
oh okay. so just submit order and you'll get the credit?
Yes Sir..
and confirm your receipt
Awesome Hunter! Congratulations!
I got confirmation of you order.. it will be shipped tomorrow
Sweet! Thanks for all your help Jason. Is there a way to put that order on an account? I need to make one. i forgot to do it before the order.
That order will be in your history... You can create an account if you haven't already at checkout.
Do you want me to make sure your other order goes through?
other order?
oh, I thought you had forgotten to order something.
I misunderstood.
no i got everything. but how do i put that order on my account i just created?
that order will show up on your account history within 24 hours.
even if i created that account after the order?
Yes.. . if you hadn't closed your window....or browser it'll be there Hunter.
okay sweet. thanks jason
Your welcome... have a wonderful evening Hunter....
Looks like your going to have a blast real soon..
You can hit END CHAT whenever you wish
Happy Diving!