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visitor asked Can the Oceanic Wrist Dive computer fit in a console that held a matrix master puck?

Mares Puck Wrist Computer

Mares Puck Wrist Computer

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Ben P.
Hi, I'm Ben. How can I help you today?
Hwodering if this will fit in a cosole that held a matrix master puck
I would beleive that it will. Could you give me a minute to research it?
sure thanks
no problem.
While I'm searching, are you comfortable with that one or just looking? I could pull up some similar options if you're interested in comparing.
Oceanic "Veo 100" Wrist Dive Computer, Yellow
tat one s/b ok if it fits
price is right
The price is definitely right. We do have a lot of interest in them.
Ok, I've found a few threads that say that the computer is made the same size as a standard depth gauge for maximum compatibility in consoles.
thanks another question: if you hold a light on the face will it glow on a nite dive as other guages?
the computers don't'd need a backlight or a light shined on it to be able to see well, unless it has a special mode. LEt's check.
It doesn't appear to have a backlight, unfortunately.
thanks for your help
there might be a few others at a similar price that would have a backlight....
would you like for me to compare for you a bit?
great...let's pull a few up.
do you have an absolute amount that you're not willing to spend above price-wise?
jst want to keep it as inexpensive as possible and get a basic computer
ok, well, I'll put a few that might be a little more expensive in the tray, we can talk about pressure.
Can you see the tray on the right?
so this one is a bit higher, but we do also have it for sale used at $219.
it is a suunto, which is really high quality, has the phosphorescent display.
would it fit console
good question, I believe so.
I'll double check that for you.
The Mares puck I just put in there would for sure fit...almost identical price, and has backlighting.
I bought that mares last year but it desn't come out of the wrist mount and has wings that hook to band that would have to be cut off
huh....that's not good. We do have a puck console, I'm comparing that now.
The puck console is actually $249, my chat catalog hasn't updated with the sale price yet.
we have the air integrated version for $299 as well.
don't need all that. just want basic
Do you already have an SPG?
my wife and I have both used US divers matrix masters for 15 years but they need replaced. bought the mares last year and just bought 1 of the $149 units 10 minutes ago and was thinking of getting another.
well, having compared, I think you've made a good choice.....
Ys = have the console that held guages and computers
We do have the Veo already in a console for $199, but it sounds like you've got that covered as well.
tnanks. do you think it's possible to cut the wings off the mares w/o ruining it?
Boy, tough to say....
the tinkerer in me says yes, but the responsible scuba store rep in me says I probably shouldn't advise it :-)
have you ever used a wrist mount before? I actually prefer them....
LOL - maybe I'll just order another veo
I have and don't care for it - too bulky
take a look at this, just for giggles...
probably what you get used to
The Geo is basically a slightly larger watch. Obviously, the more you pay the better they get....but it's getting to the point where you can have your computer, plus air right on your wrist.
I've thought about getting a more expensive and thinner unit but at 71 I'm not sure how much longer I'll be diving and even on nitrox I use my air computer just for the added margin of safety
I don't blame you. But I do have to say that there's a certain wow factor to have your computer tell you that you have 12 minutes of air remaining :-)
Mares Puck Wrist Computer
I'm sure but I've tried to keep our equipment the same and that's too much money
I understand.
So, do you have the Mares Puck right now?
and have you used it yet?
& just ordered 1 veo a few minutes before contacting you
tried it this last winter
bummer....I was thinking maybe it would fall inside our return window for an exchange.
story of my life
I'd bet if you replaced it with the Veo you could easily ebay it...or even trade it to us for credit.
I believe Leisure Pro is running a trade-in promotion right now that gives you $20 more toward a new item.
??? how would that work
let me take a look at the promo email quickly.
The promotion right now is that you get 10% additional on your trade in when you buy new. So for instance, if you traded in an item worth $100, they'd give you $110 toward purchase of a new item.
thanks Ithink I might have done about 6 tanks with it as a backup just to see howit worked.
It should be worth close to the maximum they pay then, but only they can tell you for sure.
The challenge is that I'm not sure how long the Veo will stay on sale, so you'd have a bit of a risk waiting.
Ithink I'll order another veo and just keep this as a backup or fornight dives
It certainly can't hurt. If you're going to buy right now, leave my chat window open, I'll be here in case you have any hiccups in the ordering process.
ok thanks for your help
it's my pleasure!
Great, looks like everything went through well. Thanks for your purchase!
no problem! Happy diving!