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Leisure Pro expert product information on Aeris Air Link Lower Assembly.

visitor asked Can I use the Aeris Air Link Lower Assembly with an oceanic bcd?

Aeris Air Link Lower Assembly

Aeris Air Link Lower Assembly

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Kimberly S.
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How can I help you
tHow can I help you?
My name is Kim :-)
can I use the Aeris Air Link Lower Assembly with an oceanic bcd
can you wait while I go look for you?
which oceanic BCD?
Are you there?
Do you know what type of Oceanic you have?
hold on
Aeris and Oceanic are the same company actually, so I think it will work - but I can't find any information gauranteeing it will
I would imagine it to work as long as it's the standard hose on the BCD.
is it a standard hose on your BCD?
OceanPro 1000D
reviews say that the oceanic air xs has free flow problems
so im looking for an alternative
I understand
Can I recommend a good one to you?
just a moment please
Mares Air Control Octopus
this one by Mares gets great reviews
and it should connect to your existing hose
it comes with 3 adapters so it will work
which one is better
I would recommend the Mares for price with value
scubapro is overpriced in my opinion
plus you will have to buy a special connector for it
I dive with mares regs
and love them
they are durable and breath very nicely
any down side?
If I were to buy one, I'd go with the Mares
nope - none
one of the adaptors will work with my quick release
yep - in the Q&A section on the website
a gentleman specificallynotes wit will work with Oceanic BCs
Aeris Air Link Lower Assembly
good in cold water?
How cold is the water you'd diving in?
hold on
low 50's
no issues :-) As long as your not ice diving, this will work great
and tropical
no issues with tropical either
ok thank you