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Leisure Pro expert product information on Analox Sensor Saver Cap.

visitor asked Can Analox Sensor Saver Cap for Nitrox Analyzer be used with the analox carbon monixided sensor?

Analox Sensor Saver Cap

Analox Sensor Saver Cap

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Hi. This sensor cap is designed for the Nitrox Analyzer. Can it be used with the Analox carbon monixided sensor?
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That cap is for for the Analox O2EII Nitrox Analyzer
are you looking for the cap for the Analox Carbon Monoxide Analyzer?
Analox Carbon Monoxide Analyzer
is this what you have?
are you able to see the picture?
and link?
Yes. Just bought it a few days ago.
may i have a moment to see if we have the correct cap in stock?
Actually that Sensor Savor cap does work with the CO anaylzer.
We also have the replacement sensor
Analox Replacement 02 Sensor
OK. Great. I did not want to buy it if it didn't work on the CO analyzer.
This will protect the sensor
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