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Leisure Pro expert product information on Sherwood SR1 Regulator.

visitor asked between the Mares Hybrid BCD and Scubapro Knighthawk. Also on the difference between the two brands regs.

Sherwood SR1 Regulator

Sherwood SR1 Regulator

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Kimberly S.
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My name is Kim
We spoke yesterday! How can I help you?
Ya its me again. now im confused between the Mares Hybrid BCD and Scubapro Knighthawk. Also on the difference between the two brands regs.
Can I give me my honest opinion about scubapro?
I hate the fact that I would have to buy a scubapro computer to get parts for life
I agree - it's a ridiculous ploy
and scubapro is way overpriced
they make good gear but not for the price they sell it al
i never buy their stuff out of principle
oh really
so what reg is comporable to a mk s600
just a moment please while I take a look
I like the mares Hybrid BCD
a few of my friends own Mares - they are really satisifed with their gear
when it comes to bang for the buck on BCDs I usually recommend Mares, same with regs
do you want 5 LP ports?
does is have to be a piston?
I have a drysuit so yes
DIN or yoke?
oh crap, isnt north america mostly yoke?
not to worry - this is a DIN reg but it comes with a yoke adapter so it will work with yoke tanks no problem - totally sick regulator I might
add - this version is meant for cold water diving
never heard of it
oh...dive rite is top of the line gear
this is a sherwood reg - yoke 1st stage
If I were to suggest to you which reg to get instead of the scubapro, I would personally go with the dive rite 3100 ice regulator
its hard cause I was sold on the scubapro reg's way too much money honestly
that dive rite will hold up the best - many technical divers use them because they are so reliable and durable
ok leave it with me. but you think the mares bcd
oh yeah, the hybrid is definitely the way to go for the BCD
ok thanks again for your time. Im at work so i must go for now but will memntion you on purchase
ok...please come back if you decide to buy
i ony get credit if you purchase while in a chat with me
ok. will be back then
see you later
bye bye