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Leisure Pro expert product information on EZ Spring Grip-Tight Fin Strap, Black Large.

visitor asked I use an atomic split fin and have heard that the ScubaPro Jet Fins might be a good option, would you recommend it?

EZ Spring Grip-Tight Fin Strap, Black Large

EZ Spring Grip-Tight Fin Strap, Black Large

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Leisure Pro Needler
Niki M.
Hi, my name is Niki and I'm here to help you with your dive equipment questions today.
Hi how are you?
How can I help you?
Hi. I am Tim. I use an atomic split fin and have heard that the ScubaPro Jet Fins might be a good option.
I am doing well, thanks for asking.
Jet fins are very traditional option.
Good option meaning, I move slowly through the water and lag the group...
Are you looking for fins that will give you more speed?
I would use the fin for cold water diving in Seattle with Dry Suit, as well as warm water in Hawaii and I love snorkeling..
I guess so, I don't feel like I get good efficiency from my current split.
Ok, do you find that you have a hard time?
Yea, sometimes.
Do you like the effort of the splits?
Hm... Seems easy I guess.
Have you ever seen the Mares Volo?
No, I have not.
Mares "Volo Power" Open Heel Fins Regular Blue Fog
Do you see those to the left?
What are alternate kick strokes?
Things like a frog kick etc
What do you think of those?
Interesting fin. It would be nice to try the fin...
We do have a great return policy for that reason.
I wear a size 9.5 in shoes.
I wear, I think, an xlarge for dry suit.
You would be a large in these
Is there a way to wear the large fin in warm water with regular boot? Or would the fin be too large
You could do that.
The straps are very adjustable.
I find they dig into my heels though without wearing the dive boots
Hm... I wonder what the size difference is though between my dry suit boot and my wet suit boot?
What brand is your dry suit?
I live in Bellevue, WA... 98004. Would you be able to get them to me before Thursday?
My dry suit... I should know, I just bought it...
If you selected expedited shipping, yes.
At Silent World in Bellevue. I will go check.
Take your time.
Hm. Not on their site...
It's ok. In general, these are highly adjustable.
Iam reading reviews on the fins and there are comments on the straps. Do you have different straps for the fin. Like the meteal spring type on Atomic fins?
We do have spring straps that you can replace the straps with.
Xs Scuba Universal Spring Fin Straps 12"
Are you those what you were referring to?
yes. Super expensive...
There are some less expensive versions. Let me see if we have any in stock right now
EZ Spring Grip-Tight Fin Strap, Black Large
Do you see those to the left?
They are a bit less expensive.
Squeeze together with plyers :-)
Probably not the best option.
Ok. So I need a large in the Volo power... ?
Yes, you would.
I think I will go ahead and get these and see how the installed straps work.
Thank you.
You're welcome!
Are you planning a purchase now?
I am. Just noticed that you don't have Large...
Let me check for you.
Looks like regular
They actually call that regular. I'm sorry
No problem.
Do you see that now?
I do. It's in my cart.
Just leave the chat window open while you checkout please in case you need assistance.
If I ship two day, will they go out today? Would I get them Wednesday?
They would go out in the morning most likely but there is potential they could go out today.
It's getting very close to our last pickup time.
Congratulations on your new fins!
Thanks, just placed the order.
I hope you enjoy these.. I think you'll really like them!
It would be great if you could get them out today.
I look forward to trying them out.
Thanks again.
I hope they do. Hopefully they will get them out to you fast.
You're welcome! Have a great day!
You too.
C ya.
Have a great night