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Leisure Pro expert product information on Deep See Kids Splash Split Fins, Small/Medium 9-13 Yellow.

visitor asked I need Junior size bcds?

Deep See Kids Splash Split Fins, Small/Medium 9-13 Yellow

Deep See Kids Splash Split Fins, Small/Medium 9-13 Yellow

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Leisure Pro Needler
Ben P.
Hi, I'm Ben. How can I help you today?
Hi I need Junior size bcds
I can help you with that.
Are you male or female?
I guess I should ask if the wearer is male or female?
I'm a god looking guy, but I need them for my students
so it could be either then?
yes, but at 10 or 11 most kids have the same body type
I certified at 10, I know what they're going through :-)
do you have a brand preference?
no not really
but i need 4 of them so cost is an issue
how about a price point you want to hit?
the lower the better
but I don't want anything made in china
I think I might have a great option.....
would something made for someone smaller than 5'0 and around 100 pounds work?
is non-weight integrated a dealbreaker?
I have larger bcds for fatties
no right now I HAVE aQUALUNG WAVES
Can you see the BCD I put in the chat tray on the right?
too expensive
The price in the chat isn't accurate, it should say $264.00
on sale right now, actually.
what do you have under $200
Let's take a look.
I'm an independent instructor
and there is almost no money in diving need to talk to the guys I took my last class from...
The entire shop has season box seats at hockey....
Well, the Cressi Start would be a decent option, but we don't have the XXS in that BCD.
Aeris EX light is a Travel BCD, but we're out of that in XS.
All the rest under $200 don't have any stock in smaller sizes....
there is a MAres Prestige
@ 150
Let me take a look.
the web site says you have XXS
geez, I missed that...the picture didn't look like a BCD!
yeah, 2xs looks like a great small kid option.
even Xsmall
how long will this be on sale for ?
I honestly don't know....they don't communicate those sales to us.
I think sometimes it depends on stock too.
can you tell me if that is integrated ?
some of the review say it is but too hard to tell from the picture
let me check...I lost in in all my tabs....
it has trim pockets
there are the fixed trim pockets....
I don't see the quick release handles in the pciture, I'm going to go to some documentation.
definitely not weight integrated.
ok that isn't a problem
do you teach with weight belts?
as long as the pockets have good zippers
but mostly it is just games and a few skills
makes sense.
I offer a 2 hour experience
I was actually part of the worlds' largest discover scuba.
10,000 kids in 4 days...US Navy filled our tanks.
i read about that
was pretty cool actually. Except that I was the medical officer, and kids stubbed a lot of toes (etc)
Ok I think I'll get the Mares
Great! I'll stick with you through the purchase process if that's case anything comes up I can help
IF I buy 8 can I get a better price ?
Unfortunately, they don't give me the ability to adjust prices, otherwise I'd definitely help you out.
OK let me double check what I have already
Do you provide masks by chance?
I threw up that Aeris recon, it's a holdover sale from last week...killer price for a small mask.
I used a national geo mask befor for the kids
I don't spend more than $12 for a mask
the nat geos aren't bad for kids....and great price too.
I also need really small fins that aren't junnk
open heel?
let me take a look, never had to look for little fins before.
I have been using Oceanic Vipers
The Heads are actually a kids fin....might be a good option for very little feet.
but even the XS were not small enough for half of the kids
Head is actually made by Mares if memory serves me right.
We have the vipers, but they're $79....
I also use the Mares X3
but they are still to big for the kids onder 12
I use 3mm dive socks for al the kids
I just put in the Cressi Palau short's good down to US Men's size 1.
only the strongest kids were abot to use the X3s
I remember it being a huge challenge for me.....they didn't make many options back then.
the vipers are flexible enough and not cheap
I'm seeing several "junior snorkel fins" but not sure if they're going to meet your quality standard.
yeah that is what I have been finding
al the snorkeling fins are junky
I haven't gone anywhere, still looking.
I just put in a kids split fin, but the picture is clearly not right....
they get good reviews, and split would be easier to kick. Plus, they are definitely kid sized.
I think I'd probably lean toward the Head or the splits for the quality for very small feet.
I don't think that is the correct picture for those fins
no, not at're exactly right.
Are either of those working for you?
not really, I'll keep looking
have to go now, thanks for the help
will you be purchasing tonight?
no not right now, I have to doubel check my BCD stock and then have to find fins
sure, I understand. No worries.
the price on the BCD is good
Check back, our stock is changing daily on fins.
but I need to see about the fin situation
yeah, that's a tough one.
I don't want to have to go to full foot fins
what size do you think you're aiming for for the kids?
would something in a men's 1 even work?
impossible to say
i have no idea from week to week
that is why the open heal and dive socks work
they're lucky you do the socks!
kids have to be comfortable or they will be distracted
quite a few skip that part, actually.
there are more half ass instructor than there are solid ones
you've got that right!
but doing it this way I bet you're earning loyal return customers.
ok thanks have to go
have a good noght
you too...happy instructing!