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Leisure Pro expert product information on Scuba Regulator package.

visitor asked I need a good regulator, what is the best deal at LeisurePro?

Scuba Regulator package

Scuba Regulator package

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Leisure Pro Needler
Michael S.
Hi, I'm Ben. How can I help you today?
How are you today?
How may I assist you?
Hi Michael, I need a good regulator, what is the best deal at LeisurePro?
Well, first off is there any particular brands you prefer?
Why should I be concerned? Good is good.
Any particular features you like?
Well some people stay away from certain brands they haven't heard of!
Reliability, not to much service and easy to service, excellent function and comfort
Do you have a price range you want to work with?
not really, but I don't want to get silly
Okay, give me one second to pull some choices up for you ok?
great, while at it, please check for an octopus, just a reliable and inexpensive piece
Ok! This one is one of our packages and is not only an excellent deal, it's also from one of my favorite companies.
I have been using Sherwood products since I was in the Navy and highly recommend them.
This particular package also comes with the console with a depth gauge and pressure gauge...everything you need!
What do you think?
i already have a new p. gage and computer
Ok then.
Are you a din user or standard yolk?
i will use it at Caribbean and US
Renting a tank?
to the right are some economical, but high quality regulators. Do you see them?
What about Sherwood Oasis a closeout
Making room for new models coming in. I actually love the Oasis as I suffer from drymouth easily when diving
how dose it compare to Mares mr22 abyss?
Well the Mares has a better functionality as far as flowrate upon high demand, but that is a minimal feature one wouldn't even notice. The Mares and Sherwood are both used by the US Navy and are workhorses as far as regulators go. Honestly they are all I
So which one, honestly?
Again, I would go with the Sherwood because of the moisture retention feature.
Thank you Michael and Merry Christmas
You bet! Do you plan on making a purchase today?
And Merry Christmas to you and yours!
Maybe, should it be then the Oasis closeout?
I would ;-)
and the AerisA1 octo?
Perfect compliment for it!
Be safe
You too
Take good care! :-)
I'll try my best, Happy New Year!
lol, and to you