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Leisure Pro expert product information on Mares Abyss 22 Regulator.

visitor asked i cant make up my mind schould i by a back inflation or a regular bcd?

Mares Abyss 22 Regulator

Mares Abyss 22 Regulator

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Miyuki S.
Hi, I'm Miyuki and I'm here to assist you in finding the right gear for you.
May I have your name please?
How may I help you today?
hello i cant make up my mind schould i by a back inflation or a regular bcd
what have you used before?
well iam a beginner
it is a matter of personal preference.
have you used a back inflate before?
a back inflate keeps you more
horizontal in the water
a jacket will keep you more vertical at the surface.
i looked at the mares dragon that got good rec
yes it is a good bcd
Is this Michael?
hi again!
i wanted to let you know there is a din adapter for the mares regs
that is the link
the dragon is a very nice bcd
have u tried it?
i have tried it on, but not used it
i have a kaila
with the same backpad and many other similar features
the dragon is very comfortable
and streamlined for a jacket bc
and it will never make you feel squeezed
it inflates outward
what kind of diving do you do?
ive just got cert so it havent been so many dives yet, we dived from th beach once and once we got to a steep cliff and from a boat once
congratulations on your cert! :-)
that sounds like fun!
whats the differens between that one and the mares prestige?
The prestige is less padded
more compact
The dragon is made of more
durable material
so what would u recomend me to buy
For comfort and durability I would recommend the Dragon
well ok how long lifetime is it on that kinds of bcd
It has a Dual-position lumbar backpack
it depends on how much you dive.
my Kaila is 3 years old and looks like new
ok thats good whick kind of cert do you have?
I have my OW and advanced from PADI.
Scuba is my hobby.
hawe you done many dives?
i have done over 100
oh wow, how old are you?
i am 41
how long have you been certified?
since sommer
so you are looking for your first set of gear?
I think you will really like the Dragon. It is streamlined to reduce drag in the water
so you will use less air
and it is very comfortable and stable on your body
do you want the one with the integrated octo?
well i wathed it and it look quite well and i think i would be that one. integrated octo?
an octo that is
combined with the power inflator
so you don't need a separate octo/hose
in an air sharing situation,
you use the integrated octo
and your buddy uses the primary reg
oh i understand but i think i better have them separated thoug the visability in our water isnt so clear just 1-2metres
i understand
well its getting late here in sweden, so thanks for the information
it's been my pleasure! have a great night. sweet dreams :-)
if you have more questions later, come back and start a chat. i would love to help you again!
ok bye
take care! bye bye!