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Leisure Pro expert product information on Sea & Sea YS-01 Strobe Lighting Package with Flex Arm & Tray.

visitor asked I am looking for flash for a digital camera

Sea & Sea YS-01 Strobe Lighting Package with Flex Arm & Tray

Sea & Sea YS-01 Strobe Lighting Package with Flex Arm & Tray

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Kimberly S.
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Hi. My name is kim
How can I help you?
Kim, I am looking for flash for a digital camera.. we have a canon power shot G12 and I already have the housing. I am looking for a resaonable flash that is reliable,
awesome - I have a G11. What is your budget? Which housing did you get?
I have read really bad reviews on the Intova ISS400
I have the canon WP DC34
what is your budget
Not sure.. I think the camera and the housing only cost 700 so I'm trying to be reasonable and reliable. We don't dive that much 2 x a year
oh ok
sounds good
can you wait while I go look for some suggestions
you know it.. I have looked at Sea and Sea as well as Intova
I really like sea and sea to tell you the truth
they are budget friendly and make good products
I know they have been around a long time
ok.. give me a list of the top 3
just a moment please :-)
do you need the tray and arm?
or just the strobe?
yep and the cable to connect
I really like the flex arm too
Sea & Sea YS-01 Strobe Lighting Package with Flex Arm & Tray
seen it like it
this sea and sea light is really nice
Anything else that you can think of
yep...just a moment please :0
Sea & Sea YS-01 Strobe Lighting Package With Sea Arm VII Compact
Sea & Sea YS-D1 Strobe Package with Arm and Tray
unfortunatle, all the ikelite strobes i would recommend come with a tray built for an ikelite housing
I have read that they flood
SeaLife SL961 Digital Pro Flash
I have one and don't have any issues
they are bulky though
for the money which would you pick?
I would go with the first one I pulled up
the Sea&Sea YS-01
it gets great reviess
Ok.. thanks don't hang up yet in case it close it down and I loose all the info.. thanks so much
I will wait here but please let me know once you are finished :-)
you are the bomb.. thanks
are you interested in purchasing anything of these today?
I want to look at all of them and the specs but yes, that is the plan
cool. when you are ready to buy, please just come back and I can verify your order is processed correctly :-) or I can wait here while you look
whichever you'd like to do is fine by me :-)
not worried about the order just what to get but thank you so much for the help