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Leisure Pro expert product information on Mares Prestige BC with MRS Plus Weight Pockets Large.

Robert asked What is the difference between the SeaQuest and AquaLung?

Mares Prestige BC with MRS Plus Weight Pockets Large

Mares Prestige BC with MRS Plus Weight Pockets Large

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Carol J.
Hi, how can I help you today?
Hi Carol..
Hi, how are you?
Good thanks! Looking at purchasing a BCD, would like to buy the kind that I have rented before (Aqua Lung SeaQuest Pro QD Scuba BC
Not sure if this one is the same
can you tell me what the differnce between the SeaQuest and AquaLung is?
can I have a minute to pull them up? Then we can compare.
SeqQuest Pro QD is what I'm looking for...
Is the the right SeaQuest?
Sorry...looking to increase sise of pic
no problem!!
Not seeinga an inflator hose on this!
I see the lp hose, but not the rest!
this is the i3! Now i know why!
No oral inflator on the has integrated lever at bottom of BC\
is that one similiar to what you rented?
take a look at this one:
the one I rented was blue/black in color, had an oral inflator hose with ribbing that "hid" the LP hose,
that's what im talkin about!
That more like it?
integrated weight? what's the max amount and what size does this come in?
It does have integrated weights. Let me look and see how much they will hold.
In XS through M/L, the Pro LT can hold 20 pounds/9 kilograms of dumpable weight and 30 pounds/13.5 kilograms total. The L and XL 32 pounds/14.5 kilograms dumpable and 42 pounds/19 kilograms total.
how tall are you? and how much do you weigh?
Perfect, but website indicates out of stock! I need a BCD for a trip in Jan. I am 5'9" and weigh 215 lbs
Pretty popular BCD, all sizes are currently out of stock.
We can look and see if we can find a comparable bcd if you want?
How about the Tusa Platina?
ok, let me do a little research for you ok?
Tusa Platina Evolution BCD, Black (BCJ-3860) Large/X-large
OK...where are dump valves?
let me look and see.
it has a shoulder dump and a lower back dump
In stock?
ugh wouldn't you know that that is the only size that is currently out of stock!
you are picking the popular ones!!
Well...I think I should resign to the fact that finding one before this trip may be an unrealistic expectation! And the popular ones are popular for a reason!
Let me see what else I can find for you. Is this the price range you want to stay in? A mares prestige is a great bcd but it is more money.
I'll do some looking around for you if you have a minute?
I would like to stay under $500. Was looking at the Mares Dragon too.
ok. I know the Mares Prestige is a great BCD-my husband dives that one lol!
Hey...personal reference goes a long way in my book!
I have to have integrated weight to 20 lbs (dumpable) and total of 30
has to have both top and bottom dump valves
with at least 2 d-rings
I'm not picky.
ok, I'm confident we can find something that will work for you. Where are you going on your trip?
Cozumel...10 days!
take a look at this BCD and let me know what you think
I love Cozumel!!!
Cressi Travelight BCD X-Large Black Yellow
drift diving San Fransisco reef-be sure to look for the seahorses!
We are looking forward to it! Seems like it's taking forever to get here, and will go by in a flash!
San Fran reef!! Thanks!
How much is this one?
Max weight dumpable?
is 425
Sorry Carol..I clicked on teh link and it came up in another window...unbeknownst to me!
Take a look at the Sherwood I just sent. I think you would like it better than the cressi
and it's cheaper
Sherwood Avid CQR2 BCD Large
Now THAT's what I'm talking about...gimme a minute to look this one over...
dang it, out of stock in your size
I know right! I'm not giving up, it's personal now lol!
LOL! You're a trooper! Hey I wouldn't mind ordering this one if we're talking about a reasonable back order time. Like I would be unrealistic to expect something this close to my trip, and I can rent for that.
I wish I could give you a time frame for when it will be back in stock.
our inventory changes quite frequently, especially this close to the holidays.
Have you looked at the Mares Prestige?
Mares Prestige BC with MRS Plus Weight Pockets Large
It actually is in your size and could be in before your trip!
Woo Hooooo!! Wrap it up!
If you like the avid, you can add it to your cart and it will ship when in it comes in. You wouldn't be charged for it until it ships.
It is a great bcd!
We're talking about the Sherwood Avid right?
The one that is out of stock-if you wanted to lock in that price, you could add it to your cart and it will ship (and charge you) when it becomes available.
The Mares is available in your size now. much for the Mares?
the Mares is 448.95
I have to tell you, I like the Sherwood style better...and the price is $100 less. NOw i know I'll spend the difference on a rental for my trip, but at least I'll have the one that I want when i get back.
No problem!! The Sherwood is a great BCD-I have dive buddies who dive this bcd and love it. They have between 100-150 dives on it and no issues.
That's great! I have logged over 130 and have been diving since has changed a lot since back then, and I've really become partial to using integrated weight vs. a belt.
I really don't care for using a weight belt, would much rather use a weight integrated bcd!
I purchased one a couple of weeks ago, and it came in last week. I looked it over, and tried it on and it's just not what I want in a BC (it's a TUSA).
It's an important purchase!
I have rented ScubaPro BC's in HI, and AquaLung/SeaQuest over here in CA, and like both...but I know Sherwood is great equipment.
let me ask you this: If this comes in and it's not what I expect, what is the return policy?
Currently we are offering no shipping on returns (great deal) but here is the usual return policy.
We give 60 days for customers to return the merchandise for a full refund and another 60 days (120 days in total) to return for store credit, excluding any shipping charges, No RMA number is required, we provide customer a link to download a Return Merchandise Form which they fill out and include in the return along with a copy of the original invoice.

Unless the fit isn't good. In that case we have a pressure free fit guarantee that basically says we will exchange it for the correct size with the shipping on us
Great...and i would presume that applies to all purchase, whether they were used or not? HOw many timns has someone returned something after using it?
The product would need to be unused with the tags still intact. much for test drives!
I know right!
Funny if it fits great in my living room, but when I'm in 70 ft of drift it has an issue.
at least the sherwood has the capability for some adjustment during the drift!
Now you're talkin'!
I'm ordering. thanks so much for your help!
If you leave the chat window open I;ll be able to let you know when LeisurePro receives your order.