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Beau L.

Q. visitor asked, i was wondering why the throttle won't work on my dx6i. travel adj i think. ok. im not seeing a throttle channel. channnel 1?

brian g.
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i was wondering why the throttle won't work on my dx6i
brian g.
there can be a few reasons.
Servo connector can be in backwards?
esc not working?
travel at zero not 100/100?
travel adj i think
brian g.
go to your settings screen.
brian g.
and hit clear, when on the throttle channel
you should also be able to go to the Servo monitor screen. And if it's not moving with the stick something's been changed on the travel adjustments
im not seeing a throttle channel
brian g.
that should be channel 1.
channnel 1?
like model 1
brian g.
trying to find a video so it can be visually seen
ok thank you
thank u very much i appreciate it
got it!
brian g.
yyou're welcome, anything else I can help with tonight?
one sec
whats a good smaller aerobatic plane
i hav the mini umx beast rn and its a great plane
would that one be something like that
is it a mini
brian g.
yes it is. Are you looking for something larger?
well it seems a lot like the beast zoo ya if theres anything i don't want anything huge
brian g.
what do you think of this one?
this would be a park size
ya i like it looks nice
brian g.
a lot of people in the field like it as well
is it newer
or hav i just not seen it
brian g.
actually it's been out quite a while
there's this one which is a little smaller.
and there's a biplane in the 280 class
vikeing looks nice
ok well thank you very much for fixing my problem and all of these planes look very nice i may end up getting one of those
sukhoi, i liked that one alot
brian g.
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