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Beau L.

Q. visitor asked, I'm thinking buying a 24M Hott radio. Will it control the SLT or the DSM2, DSMX recievers?

Evan R.
Hi there how can I help you today? Do you have a tehncial question? Or are you just out shopping?
I'm thinking buying a 24M Hott radio. Will it control the SLT or the DSM2, DSMX recievers?
Evan R.
No it will not.
OK, Thanks
Evan R.
Do you have any other questions for me today?
The 2S 7.4V 1300 mAh battery comes with the Park Zone Ka-8. How many C rating on it?
Evan R.
And the receiver comes with the Ka-8 have AS3X build in?
Evan R.
Yes! :-)
Is it a full range receiver?
Evan R.
Yes it is!
OK, thanks. how long u go to be around? because I go to look around some more.
Evan R.
I will be around for the next 45
Evan R.
45 minutes.
Evan R.
o. Will the Ka-8 good for the President sale too, if i get with other stuff?
Evan R.
Yes I believe it will be! :-)
Also can you give me the list of stuff I need to complete the yellow Hahu jet? things like the retracts fan motor and size, battery size and
C rating, etc.
Evan R.
There should be a parts listing page that will tell you the recoomended parts to compelte it.
i did look for it, but i can fine and detail stuff on it. Can you sent me a link to it, if u can?
Evan R.
You need 80 amp esc
6 cell lipo 30c
80mm fan unit
BL32 2150kv motor
And some servos and rx
Go to this webpage and go to completion guide.
It will list everything that you need.
Can u give me the order numbers for the fan unit, and the retracts, battery mAh?
Evan R.
Battery mah is 5000
Fan unit is EFLDF32
retracts are EFLG230
o. motor?
Evan R.
Thanks you so much! U have a nice day =]
Evan R.
Thanks same to you!
Evan R.
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