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Beau L.

Q. visitor asked, i am ok. darn spellchecker. bnf that comes with the r120 and a dx4e. I'm looking for a big help that is easy to fly. any suggestions

Joseph C.
Hi there. I m Joe. How can I help you have some serious RC fun today? Is there a product or accessory that I can help you with?
hi joseph
Joseph C.
thats my sons name
Joseph C.
Great name!!
are you familiar with the mcpx heli
Joseph C.
original or brushless?
yes that one
Joseph C.
OK. I have this. What is the question?
i currently fly the r120... amok to good at flying it, by no means a pro, is this an easy step up or do you recommend a different help. I would like to fly a bigger help outdoors that won't get tossed around by the wind
i am ok
Joseph C.
What transmitter do you have?
darn spellchecker
bnf that comes with the r120 and a dx4e
Joseph C.
OK. The mcp x is a big step. But with patience, you will be able to fly it. I would however consider a more advanced conttroller for CP heli
I'm looking for a big help that is easy to fly. any suggestions
the r120 gets tossed around in slight wind
Joseph C.
OK. We actually have a new 230S CP coming out
i ssee that!
Joseph C.
That is perfect for what you want and real good radio.
when does it come out?
i need to look at this!
Joseph C.
End of August - If you pre-order/backorder today, You won't be charged until it ships. Plus, it reserves you the product, with no charge. You can cancel any time prior to shipping.
easy to fly?
Joseph C.
This one will be very popular!!
wow its collective pitc
Joseph C.
Yes. Probably easier than your 120\
that scares me a little
thats great
how big is she?
Joseph C.
Yes. SAFE is amazing!!!
I found my new help... thanks joseph
Joseph C.
Main Rotor Diameter: 21.10 in (536mm)
Length: 18.66 in (474mm)
thats a good size!
I'm starting to love it already
Joseph C.
Me too. !!! I have a 180CFX and I still might get this!
its mine! thanks joseph
Joseph C.
You are welcome - I would pre-order though. Doesn't cost anything and you can always change your mind.
i will thanks
Joseph C.
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