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Beau L.

Q. visitor asked, How fast?

Joseph C.
Hi there. I m Joe. How can I help you have some serious RC fun today? Is there a product or accessory that I can help you with?
How fast?
Joseph C.
Approx 30 mph
i saw a freinds... He had one that went about the same but it wasn't the buggy it was about 200$ it was 4WD and was very low to the ground when I looked it up I couldn't find it do u have an idea which one it could be
Joseph C.
Let me look
Joseph C.
This is a 4WD buggy for around that price -
This isn't it but how fast does this one go
Joseph C.
Will also be around the 30 mph range
The other one
would it do good one road also
Joseph C.
Yes - Buggies are good for on road also
Does the fact that it is 2WD effect the performance on off road vs on road
Joseph C.
2WD is OK for On road -
Does it do better on or off road
Joseph C.
4WD always helps off road
Do u have anything in the same price reange as this but 4WD
Joseph C.
Not in that price range - Sorry
Ok thx
Joseph C.
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