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Q. visitor asked, Hi. I am looking for radio settings for my new DX 6 and the Blade Nano CP S BNF

James H.
Hi there, I m James. It s is a great day for R/C, and I hope you are having an awesome day! How can I help you with your addiction?
Hi. I am looking for radio settings for my new DX 6 and the Blade Nano CP S BNF
James H.
Under the manual tab there is a link to down load the SPM file right to your DX6 for the Nano CP s.
Also in the manual on page 6 there are setup instructions as well.
Ok, do I need to buy an SD card? Also is there and SPM file for my Blade 350 QX 350
On page 6 it tells me how to set up the Nano including servo settings?
James H.
There is not one for the 350.
Yes on page 6 of the manual it gives you all the setting for the Nano CP S.
How can I set up my Blade 350 QX2 to the DX6?
James H.
In the manual there will be setup instructions as well.
Does it give the settings for the Blade SR 120?
James H.
The 120 SR does not require any special setup, so you can just bind it to a new ACRO model in the DX6.
There are also a number of helpful setup videos on YouTube for the DX6 and the 350 QX.
Acro, not heli? What about swash set up and reversing servos and stuff?
James H.
Yes, ACRO not heli, it does not require a swash setup as it is a fixed pitch helicopter and all the servo should be working in the correct direction. Just double check them before your 1st flight.
Okay nice. The Blade Nano has a Panic Reovery mode. My copter is a few years old. Does it have that mode to? Also, will it get set up in the DX6 automatically?
James H.
Sorry I am not following you. The Nano CP S offers the panic recovery, and if you follow the instructions it will be setup.
Oh okay. What I mean is my Blade P is older. I don't know if every one of these came with the Panic Recovery mode. I never used it before during my many crashes. LOL
James H.
The only Nano that offers the panic recovery is the new Nano CP S. The older Nano CP X does not offer those features and you would need to refer to that manual for setup. I thought you were referring to the Nano CP S as that is the one you had originally mentioned.
Okay, now I understand. I have the older model. Thanks for your help. Peace
James H.
You are very welcome and Happy New Year.
James H.
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