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Beau L.

Q. visitor asked, Gey whats up bud. Yea im looking for a good stater heli though its not my 1st

Harold V.

Hello and thankyou for visiting, I am Harold. Is there a product or accessory that I can help you with? How can I help you have some awesome RC fun today?
Gey whats up bud
Harold V.
Yea im looking for a good stater heli though its not my 1st
So ?..there r gas n nitronhelis aswell is this correct
Harold V.
but right now we only have electric
for a first heli...electric is better anyway
Wat do u prefer
Harold V.
advanced pilots for Nitro
I had 4 helis 1 fub blade n 2 quad drones
Harold V.
how about the 450X
I look while we chat . Do u do it for comp or photos
Harold V.
do what?
Lok at 450x
Hw big is it can u mount a go pro
Wat do you think about the 1 key return systems
Harold V.
need a qaud about the size of the 350QX
The Chroma has a return home,,,,and follow me
Ths cool
Harold V.
and carrys a 5K camera on a CG03 Gimbal
4K camera not 5
O ice
Those gimals didnt they just drop one u can prefix thecviewing angle
Harold V.
I dont understand the question
Do yall got anything that takes 3.7 700 mahs
Harold V.
as fa r as quads or FPV?
we have a a couple of FPV quads that run on 1S 3.7
Heli or quad , muti flying. Batteries
Have you heard of syma x5c?
Harold V.
I have one
Do u. Think its junk or jus fun to play with learn ur bears
I also have one from app
Harold V.
lot of fun
Like mine
Can take pics or video with it
Limited range though
Yeah you just yestuerday. I did a prefight check but i was flying and one of the rotors that propels one of the blades fell off in mid air
Harold V.
that can happen
those are more of a toy grade quad
not made to last
cheaply built
I like thev350 motor size frae set. Im a builder n engeneer
Harold V.
I really like the 1st heli u mentioned
Harold V.
Idk maybe its me but i seeems hard to fly the quad aand hover in one place
Harold V.
yes...quads are easier
I fly everything
Now that remote can it be used with any 2.4ghz n giving it a reciever
Harold V.
which remote?
How air planes n jets
Harold V.
the one with the 450X
That comes w/ the smya x5c
Harold V.
Wont work with Spectrum
you will need a Ready to Fly RTF
Even changing out receivers
Harold V.
No...wont work
Cant find 450x
Like |ou said just the module it's self and tha remote doesnt have enuff functoins
Harold V.
How long is ur plane or jet
Yea i like that i did pick up that 107g by syma all metal frame
Harold V.
50 inch wing Corsair and Mustang
3 jets
I liked it but the blades cheap but i love the construction bc i can taake apart n Frankenstein it a lil
Back when i was younger living in silicon valley there a huge lauch pad with giant rubber band launchers
Thats athoer thig got me into it.. but i think they hhad gliders bc it was off a giant drop off over the bay
But some of them wud b like 20 to 15 ft huge with a lil pilot. .lol
You there
Harold V.
Ok u heard of those
So that 450 set is it just the heki?
Harold V.
No...its everyting...Transmitter,,,,Heli...battery...etc
nothing else needed
Cool , do junthinkmits better to fly and see yourvwhole surrounding areas or i kno u see those googes on this sire
Harold V.
FPV is cool
I am not into FPV...but its really popular
I fly Warbirds....and 450 Helis's....
Yes....I have a Flysky FS-T6 Transmitter
Have you heard of the remote flysky~fs~ts ..4 6 channel is it any good. From geek
So its a good buy to control multi systems or no
Harold V.
It will work ...also the OrangeX T-6 radio
DX6i is a good Radio
Will this do it for you then?
And a VX 18 motor. Incan get the remote for 45 bucks new good deal does it work with the 450x
Harold V. will need a Spectrum radio for the 450X
Wat is ur biggest rig
Harold V.
It comes with a 6 channel Transmsitter already
In Heli's... T-Rex 450L Dominator..6S
Ok u know the syma quadvwe spoke ofvwell i wanna tear it do n build sumtin else but my question is i bought 5 extra batteries and would like to find something that uses that battert aswell ne ideas
Harold V.
all te small quads we have only can fit a 150mah lipo those Batterys you have wont work in anything we have
Have u seen the syma 107g metal series
Harold V.
those are more like toys
Coax junk
Really suck remote one trimer. Noe that lead plastic bars in middle to help novices hover keep level
Harold V. to go

Are there any other sales questions I can help you with?
F1 question
So can i use both the 107 n x5c with the vortex kit imma look at the trex but get one of the 450 ty
Harold V.
No...that requires a programmable Tranmsitter
Or that remote wudvu buy it if you were me cuz im gna need a fleeet of atleast 20
Harold V.
the 450X Heli's Tranmsitter will work with the Vortex though
Wat does it workwith n is the vx18 a jet motor
If ur leavin or gotta jus say bye n ill get my ques answer ed ty for ur time
Harold V.
you mean Vortex?
its a race quad kit
Its jus a solo motor on geek
Harold V.
Oh ok
Like the remote is y i asked
As u yo kno u can find greatvdeals
Harold V.
only spectrum radios...DSMX` or DSM2 will work with Horizon products
DX6i is a good one
Ok. So is the multirotor that is a heli is that more novice
Harold V.
the DX6i will work with anything we have long as its 6 channels or less
Yes...multis are more novice orientated
not much control need to keep hovering
Helis require more skill ....
Yeah i like em more than qauds but im opening a bizz with aireal fottage
Harold V.
So that fsts6 is a good buy for 45$ n i can use it on my non horizn products
Harold V.
needs to be DSMX `or DSM2
Is that the 1 kkeg return
Harold V.
yes you can use it for none Horizon..
I use it with most of my stuff
but I do have a spectrum radio as well
And fsts6 is spec n u guygs dsm dsm2
Harold V.
because the flysky wont bind with spectrum Receivers
Will it run the x5c n 107g gthat was of of my fist or 8 butbi liked the design nthat it was mostly metal
Harold V.
Not sure... it might does work with some other Models....but not spectrum
Now i can chage the motherboard n use a bigger scale will that work for me
Harold V.
on the X5c
Not worth it really...thats a cheaply made quad... better just getting something better
Ywell not so much the quad more the heli i just hate the remote
Harold V.
No,,,,not much you can do with that Heli you have
Hasnt yet
Harold V.
both are toy grade really.. not worth it
Does 450 trex come kit rtr
Harold V.
comes ready to fly
no kit
Ok n that remotevwether i use it or sell is 45 a good buy
Harold V.
Do u kno a true vale u
Harold V.
its a good but
I paid 56.00 for mine
Trez remote n all
Ok wat do u use it on ur planes
Harold V.
Spectrum...and a Flysky
I take it the trex gots a lot mor= power
Harold V.
Wok ty for ur time
Harold V.
See ya
Harold V.
Have a good day
Oh wat region u in
Harold V.
its after midnight so have a good day lol
U too hot ass vegas sux dirty
50000 homless sad
Harold V.
see ya
Harold V.
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