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Beau L.

Q. visitor asked, What trainers work with my DX5e?

Erik M.

Hi this is Erik, how can I assist you with your rc needs?
What trainers work with my DX5e?
or why does this require a 6 channel tx?
Erik M.
which plane are you looking at?
right now the carbon z
but I have been training on the sim with my dx5e and I was hoping I could use it
Erik M.
the carbon Z has flaps
I believe the 6th channel would be for an optional tow release hook
so I have thr ail ele rud and mix
can't craft with flaps?
Erik M.
let me check out the transmitter you have real quick
Erik M.
it would work, just wouldn't be able yo use the flaps on the carbon Z
ok thanks
Erik M.
has plently of power and a slow glide ratio so it wouldn't be a big deal
so I can bind with any 6 ch
Erik M.
it will still bind with the receiver just fine
now how bout the dx5 with the 350 qx?
Erik M.
unfortunately I only have the specs for the DX5e, but if it has a rotating knob for flaps in the upper left above the sticks it would work for the flaps and will bind as well
I see the 200 qx works with 5
Erik M.
yes it sure does
love my 180 nano can't believe it
Erik M.
happy to hear it!
I just started purchasing HH product after working with them, I've been pleased with everything myself so far
just shopping around, flying weather is long off
getting 2 ft of snow now
Erik M.
same where I am, our high isn't going above 0 degrees today
C or F?
Erik M.
was -25F without the wind chill last night here
that is brutal Sweeden?
Erik M.
especially with 15-20mph winds. New Sweeden in very northern Maine near Canada border
Ah ha, I'm here in souther vt
so we're in the same whip
Erik M.
nice area there, I'm hoping to move to the southern Main coast this spring, a bit milder down there
I went to the Horizon air show a few years back
Erik M.
was it any good?
yea it was beyond
Erik M.
great way to get folks hooked on their products. I'd like to check one out one of these years
the retail wasn't as impressive as the attendees
Erik M.
that is typical from my experiences, most club airshows are the best
I'm getting into 1/4 scale now myself
ducted fans?
Erik M.
gas 33cc with float set up on DHC 2 Beaver
fun, I have a place on lake champlain - come fly from my deck
Erik M.
I live on a lake now and do the same, put floats on everything possible
how much waterproofing has to be done
Erik M.
I don't do anything extra, never had any isues even after a few unplanned dunks
just have to be sure to power down and let everything dry out for a few days
what would be a durable trainer for me
Erik M.
the apprentice is our best trainer
hase SAFE
if it's anything like the blade
perfect with my tx
Erik M.
yes full safe features and works great with your transmitter
can you hand launch it
Erik M.
I'll grab one to look at
have you flown it
has Float Set that's cool
Erik M.
yes, I got my nieghbor hooked after watching me, flys great and does well with wind under 15mph
can't beat the panic button feature if you loose control as well
ha ah
Erik M.
I set him up on floats like me
will it glide in power off on floats?
Erik M.
had a trainer cord to help him and after 2-3 flights he has done well on his own so far
yes, good glide ratio even with floats on it
can stil do loops and rolls easily as well
ok thanks for the good info, I have to run
shovel etc
Erik M.
happy to be of service for you today!
appreciate it have fun
Erik M.
nice chatting with you and have a great day!
Erik M.
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