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Beau L.

Q. visitor asked, hi Kim do you use this transmitter?

hi Kim do you use this transmitter?
Kim G.
HI I am kim. How can I help you today? Is there something special that you are looking for ?
yes I do
what do you think of it?
Kim G.
we love it meaning the whole family uses it
thanks that's great. what made you decide to use this one instead of others?
Kim G.
I used to own jr a major jr family but one day we switch and feel in love with how easy it was to use and then the massive model memory it has and the sd card ability
thanks yes, 250 is a lot of models. Do you use it for quadcopters, helicopters, airplanes or all?
Kim G.
i use it for everything we own
electric twins quads jets helis
ok, thanks. I was wondering if it is worth the price, but it sounds like you're a happy customer
are you an employee of the company?
Kim G.
no I am not
I am a hobbyist like you :-)
cool. I hope you get some credit for me buying it!! :-)
Kim G.
yes well worth the price if you can afford buy once and enjoy for a long time
will do, thanks Kim!
Kim G.
you are most welcome
bye ;-)
Kim G.
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