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Beau L.

Q. visitor asked, No. Was brought here from another sight.. Looking for something bigger. Want to take vids of the flight. What are the typical flight time ranges?

Joe C.
Hello, how may I help you today?
Hi Joe. Interested in quad copters. My son has one. Just little (palm size) that I have been flying. Bat life is only 2 min flight time. Want to move up
Joe C.
our best starter quad is the nano qx which is super durable, great for indoors and flies about 7 mins
have you seen it?
there is also a "3D" version which is better for outdoors and does flips
it might be better if your son already has mastered the basics
No. Was brought here from another sight.
Joe C.
can you click the picture to the right?
or can you click this link??
Looking for something bigger. Want to take vids of the flight. What are the typical flight time ranges?
Got the pix
Joe C.
well in general the more you pay the longer/more capabler the craft
if you want the video sent back to goggles or a phone/tablet the price goes up a lot
if you just want a recording, the 180 qx is the obvious choice for economy
This comes with a basic small camera to record video
and battery/charger and transmitter- all in the box
(ready to fly)
did you want live video back?
What is safe technology?
Joe C.
it offers stabilization and auto-leveling that stops a beginner from rolling into the ground
What are practical flight time ranges?
Joe C.
4 minutes minimum, to 25 mins max
(depending on the system)
I think I may be looking for FPV setup, and maybe something that will interface with Mission Planner, or a similar flight system.
Joe C.
Ok, you will need a GPS capable system for that, which means the 350 qx, chroma or q500 systems
they allow a "fence" which can be used to constrain the flight area
but not waypoint flight planning
although the chroma and q500 have "follow me" ability
(with the included ST10 transmitter)
I suggest looking here:
then sort all items by price "high to low"
the ones that will interest you most will be at the top of the list so you can see what I mean
can you click that link?
I will check it, stand by.
The 8-900 range looks like what I was thinking about. What would I have to look at for way point planning?
Joe C.
we don't have any way point systems, sorry-- personally I think the turnkey systems we offer intentionally don't offer that for liability reasons
but I'm not positive-- just what I've observed
if you wish to learn more about more capable systems, you will likely need to build them and invest in directional antennas and a HAM license
I recommend the RC Groups FPV forum, DIYDrones, and FPVLab
Ok I'll check them out. I was looking at the blace croma 350qxc. Says flight time 10-15 minutes. Can this be expanded with larger batteries?
Joe C.
the chroma will be 25 mins, the 350 max battery wil be about 12 mins nominal
(they ship with max battery that will fit)
I take it that if this goes in the water it is toast. Is there anything like an emergnency pontoon float deploy, or would that have to be custom.
Joe C.
sorry no, not that we offer. You'd need to devise your own gear. But keep in mind anything you add will likely be heavy if it could truly protect it and that will decrease flight time and hinder climb performance
True, can't fight gravity. What is the payload limit for this model
Joe C.
which model?
350oq xc
Joe C.
the 350 series is designed to lift a gopro-- 3 or 4 oz normally. I wouldn't add more than a few oz beyond that
K. Thanks. I think I will brouse around the site and look at oppltions. Thanks for the quidance.
Joe C.
you're welcome, good hunting
Joe C.
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