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Beau L.

Q. visitor asked, I'm looking at Chroma with CGO2Plus...

brian g.
Hello , I am Brian.
How can I assist you with your RC needs?
Is there a product or accessory that I can help you with?
I'm looking at Chroma with CGO2Plus...
I fly rc planes but looking at drone...would like to try one and take movies and pictures while on vacation next month
I've never used SAFE technology but it sounds safe? for first time drone flyer?
brian g.
actually it's very easy. SAFE is just a way or a trade name for a self stabilizing system
I've been able to give instructions within 5 min. and have people flying one of those that have GPS etc.
So in other words...if I screw up just push some button and that thing will right that what you're saying...
brian g.
with a multi-rotor, if you let go of the sticks it will re-level itself.
In GPS mode. Wherever you let go of the sticks it will stop and hovering in that position
Ahh I see ok Can I use the THXDAD coupon on this product?
brian g.
they even know where they are, and will hold position in the wind
it should be allowed. It would tell you when you check out in the cart
unfortunately chatters don't have any access to the cart.
Ahhh I see
Ok so I need to call them directly then
brian g.
no you can just add one to the cart. Input the code
it will let you know whether takes it before it ever asked you for any payment information
Ok...thank you ten-four out..
brian g.
you're welcome. If you need anything else feel free to enter the chat at any time okay?
brian g.
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