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Beau L.

Q. betsy asked, Which purse or wallet should I get for mother's day?

im looking to get my mom either a purse or wallet for mothers day

Lisa E.
Hi Betsy, I can help you with that.
What colors does your mom like?
i believe she like pastel colors. most of her purses and wallets shes had in the past have been dark color though
she carriers a lot in her purse and wallet
Lisa E.
Okay, are you leaning toward a wallet or a purse?
im not sure. i think more of a purse because i dont know if there are any wallets big enough under 300
Lisa E.
Okay, so are you thinking like maybe a pink bag? Pink is a big color this spring.
She might like the Kristin hobo, have you seen that one?
Do you know if she likes leather or signature?
shes never had anything from coach. most of the purses she owns are Kathy Van Zeeland
Lisa E.
Does anything I have pulled up look like some
thing she might like?
The floral bag is brand new and seems to be very popular so far.
maybe something
like the chealse signature
Lisa E.
That would be a very nice choice for her first Coach.
is there anything like that closer to 200 or 250 in a bit of a darker exterior color?
Lisa E.
Sure, let me pull up some.
She might like a Poppy tote.
It is a great size and a great price.
what color is the inside to the poppy metallic signature glam tote?
the brass/brown
Lisa E.
I'm not sure, actually. We don't have a list of all the interior colors. :-(
I wish we did.
ooh alright. does that one have an open or zip pocket on the inside?
Lisa E.
It has an open pocket, a zip pocket, and a cell phone pocket.
Plus the zip pocket on the outside.
the poppy signature sateen glam tote looks very nice. the blue inside is really nice
Lisa E.
Yeah, the colors inside are always very pretty and complement the bag well.
what about wallets?
Lisa E.
Are you thinking of a wallet to match one of these bags or a wallet instead?
just a wallet in general.
the wallet she has at the moment in full this i dont know what: receipts, check book, cards, change, coupons, etc
Lisa E.
Oh, okay, she might like one that zips to hold in all of the items she carries.
yes. very organized too
Lisa E.
Did you see this one?
There are so many great choices for large wallets.
there are so many nice ones. i really liked the legacy leather double accordion
Lisa E.
That one is a great choice and it is brand new.
I like that it has the strap so it can also be carried as a wristlet.
it is in nice colors too.
Lisa E.
Yes, it is! :-)
ahh! now im stuck between the purse and wallet!
Lisa E.
How long has it been since she got a new purse or a new wallet?
i think its been awhile since she got a new purse, but her wallet at the moment is overflowing
Lisa E.
I think I would go with the Legacy wallet. I think if my daughter were getting me one for a gift that's what I would want.
I buy myself a lot of purses but not a lot of wallets, so I think that is a nice gift.
Which color were you thinking of for the wallet?
the reddish one looks somewhat like a pastel color, but the brown looking one is nice too
Lisa E.
The reddish one is Carnelian - that's my favorite. Such a pretty color.
And the brown is my second favorite. ;-)
im not sure which one she'd like more
Lisa E.
Well, the good thing is she can exchange it if she likes on more than the one you pick.
that's true.
Lisa E.
And she won't have to mail it back, she can take it in to any store to exchange it.
ooh, okay
Lisa E.
And don't forget, when you place your order to select the free gift wrap. :-)
is that only for a limited time?
Lisa E.
No, we always offer it, but some people don't realize it so I like to let everyone know.
ooh, thank you :]
Lisa E.
i'd really like to give her the perfect gift this year. she deserve it :]
Lisa E.
Awe, that is so sweet! I think she will be very excited. :-)
So, are you leaning toward the wallet more than the bag?
Lisa E.
Good idea. Well, I was thinking, the Carnelian is a beautiful but the brown one is great for all year round.
yes i was leaning towards the brown one.
has the poppy signature sateen glam tote been out for awhile?
i was thinking of getting her the wallet and then the purse for her birthday
Lisa E.
Yeah, it has. They came out in 2009 and they just release new versions with updated details.
The Poppy will be around, so that's a good plan!
When is her birthday?
june 15th
Lisa E.
Oh, perfect timing. ;-)
do you believe that style and color will still be available around that time?
Lisa E.
Yes, I do.
oh that's great! :]
Lisa E.
Are you ordering online tonight?
no, not tonight. maybe someday this week or next
Lisa E.
Oh, okay. :-)
thank you for all your help. i appreciate it very much :]
Lisa E.
It's been my pleasure shopping with you!
have a happy mother'
s day! :]
Lisa E.
Thanks! Enjoy mothers day with your mom and giving her her special gift. :-)
Lisa E.
I am a Coach enthusiast! My favorite collections are Madison and Legacy!
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